hunting money is a website about making money. however it is written in an interesting way based on our hunting instinct, having been predators for a very long time most people now hunt for a different prey.

The prey we hunt for is money, have a look at our blog to find information in the following manner.

About – Discusses the general concept behind hunting money and the idea that we are all predators and money is our prey.

Ideas – In this section we try to come up with weekly ideas of how to hunt money, basically business ideas especially focused on the online money making aspect, however we do also make suggestions for offline ideas.

Predators – Every other money hunter is effectively a predator or part of a team of predators, we look at different types of money predators and analyse their instinct and behaviour, be it a loan shark or a large corporate entity we understand how they hunt and how they catch their prey, sometimes we are the prey so we also tell you how to protect yourself.

Prey – At hunting money our prey is money, we discuss it and where it lives and hides, we also discuss what we refer to as prey protectors, the people guarding the money, these are normally your possible clients, they keep their money safe in their pocket. Keeping you, the predator, away from the prey.

Reviews – We review sites and products, we are paid to do these reviews but we are not bound to say good things, if we like a product or service we will say so if we don’t we will say we do not and explain exactly why.

Strategy – Behind every hunter their should be a long term strategy to ensure that his/her efforts are focused, we look at short and long term strategies for money hunting, analyzing how best to get your prey and the skills you need to build to become a better predator.

Tactics – Every hunter needs tactics to catch his prey, tactics are different to strategy they involve the specific hunt however are not an over all strategy, to put it in hunting money terms, tactics are the way you stalk your prey, the way you get your prey to move where you want it to and knowing when to pull the trigger(close the deal). Strategy is knowing what to hunt, what you need to know to hunt and how you will keep hunting more and more with better success.

Join us on hunting money and come hunt money with us we are always more than happy to help and even give advice.

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