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About Huber Motoring School in Malta

Huber Motoring School is one of the Malta’s fastest growing national driving schools and has helped hundreds of people pass their driving test with the minimum of fuss and hassle.

As a UK’s trained trainer for driving instructors, Huber Motoring School’s instructors have received the finest training to ensure the highest standards of tuition are passed on to you, the customer.

In addition, all our instructors are continuously monitored and undergo regular assessments to enforce our promise to you that we are providing a service that is ‘second to none’.

With Huber Motoring School, we set out to make your learning experience fun and exciting and aim to help you reach that wonderful L.P.D.M (L-plate Disposal Moment) as quickly and enjoyably as possible! Learning to drive is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

Tuition Offered by Huber Motoring School

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The tuition offered by the school is provided by fully qualified instructors, who have plenty of experience in their field. They will train you on both efficient and safe piloting of your vehicle.

Some of the tuition offered by the school can be seen below:

Manual Car Tuition
This tuition caters towards those who want to drive manual cars. Upon successful completion of the test after the tuition, you can drive both automatic and manual transmission cars.

Automatic Car Tuition
Tuition geared towards learning how to drive an automatic transmission car. The passing of the final test will enable drivers to pilot vehicles with an automatic transmission.

Motorcycle Tuition
The lessons provided here will enable you to ride motorcycles safely and properly.

Special Needs Tuition
This tuition is aimed towards those who need special apparatus to be able to drive effectively. This tuition is provided by experienced and qualified trainers.

Huber Motoring School Online

Huber Motoring School can be found both on their own website, as well as Facebook.

Huber Motoring School’s Website

Clicking on this image will take you to the school’s website, where you will learn more about their safety policies, as well as their driving tuition and services.

Huber Motoring School on Facebook Latest Updates

The driving school has over 240 followers who are all happy to have passed their driving exam. The website shows the former trainees who are satisfied with the service they were given by the driving school.

Near Huber Motoring School

the school can be found in the same street as Creme Caramel Caterers and SGO Designer Glass

Contact Huber Motoring School in Malta

C: Raymond Huber
T: 27888555
M: 79404772/79486486
H: 24/7

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