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About Hi-Grade Chick Ciappara Poultry in Qrendi

Hi-Grade Chick for the best fresh local poultry products grown and processed locally with all the European standards with the very best quality at the very best prices. Always ask for the product of Hi-Grade Chick from the butcher shops around Malta and from the factory in Hi-Grade Chick, Triq Misrah Is-Sinjura, Qrendi.

Hi-Grade Chick Company Ltd is a company that specialises in the slaughtering and processing of daily local fresh chickens.

This company was established on 1983. It started off as a small family enterprise with few employees nearly all of them being family members.

The company is still directed by family members and also all the process is managed and observed step by step from the directors and family members but on a larger scale and with more employees.

The whole production consists entirely from a full range of daily local fresh whole chickens and parts.

Hi-Grade Chick focuses on the top quality of the whole production of daily local fresh chickens, from the order of the embryonated egg up to the slaughtering of chickens and delivery to your favourite butcher and shops around Maltese islands.

The company understands that only by maintaining the highest European standards and qualities would keep the leading position in the processing industry of local fresh and frozen poultry products.

Furthermore managers are aware that business is never static and customers are now always seeking for top quality products at the very best competitive prices. This is why our production of fresh chickens is processed daily from Sunday till Friday during night. Therefore our customers find our poultry products fresh at the factory and at their favourite butchers the same day the chickens are slaughtered. This is our attempt to maintain a competitive local fresh product. When you consider that imported products could never be brought from the housewives or customers the same day that are slaughtered. This is because time is needed for preparing the chickens to be packed in boxes and placed in a container to be transported from country to another. But HI-GRADE CHICK poultry products are available in the same day slaughtered.

IMPORTED poultry products are injected with an amount of water and also gases are applied for a longer expirery date. But local poultry products have no additive, NO water injected, and NO gases.

So this is why wise and intelligent Maltese housewives should always choose HI-GRADE CHICK for a daily local fresh chicken to give their loving family members the best and the healthiest plate prepared and served with care and love.

Contact Hi-Grade Chick Ciappara Poultry in Malta

C: Catherine Ciappara
T: 21683806
M: 99492706 /99830804
E: info@ckpoultry.com
W: www.ckpoultry.com
A: c & K Ciappara Poultry Ltd, Triq Misrah is-Sinjura, Qrendi

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