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The international company is very well known throughout the world. It has won awards for it’s outstanding service, as well as its excellently maintained and serviced cars. The staff are very experienced and will give the client the best deal possible, as well as advice on which branch to rent the car from, which car is best, as well as what extras can improve his/her stay with the vehicle of his choice.

Services by Hertz Car Hire

Hertz Vehicles

The company offers it’s clients many car-hire services and related extras. Some of these services can be found below :

Car Rental:
Hertz Car Hire offers a large selection of cars, which are designed to cater to the many different needs which clients have. Some of the different kinds of cars available are listed underneath.

  • Standard Cars
  • Estate Cars
  • 4WD/People Carrier Cars

Car Leasing:
The company also leases a large variety of vehicles at very reasonable monthly rates. These cars can range from small city cars, to larger more luxurious vehicles. Each vehicle is carefully inspected before and after a new lease begins, ensuring that the client gets the best the company has to offer.

Hertz Neverlost:

This service is provided to clients who wish to travel around using a reliable GPS service. For a small fee, the company will provide clients with a GPS module. This system is easy to use and driving with it is as simple as pressing the screen and travelling to your desired destination. This unit is car chargeable.

Hertz Supercover:

The company offers it’s clients a service, whereby the client pays a small extra fee to remove the possibility of paying excess on either damage or theft done to a rented vehicle. This gives clients peace of mind that no matter what happens, the rented car is covered by more than the standard collision protection and theft waivers.

Hertz Car Hire Online

Hertz can be found on their own personal website, which is linked below.

Hertz Car Hire’s Website

Hertz Website

By clicking on the image above, you can find more information about the services, the products and the extras the company provides it’s clients with.

Near Hertz Car Hire

Koptaco Coaches Cooperative and Giggles Nursery can both be found on the way to the company.

Contact Hertz Car Hire

T: (+356)2131 4636
E: info@hertzlease.com.mt
A: United Garage Ltd, Hertz International Franchisee, 66, Gzira Road, Gzira, GZR 1638, Malta