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Grima Furniture

About Grima Furniture (1960) Ltd

Grima Furniture (1960) Ltd makes custom furniture for bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes and many other household and business furniture requirements. The company has many experienced Maltese carpenters working with it, which adds to the prestige which Grima Furniture (1960) Ltd is known for.

Products Offered by Grima Furniture (1960) Ltd

The company offers various kinds of custom-made furniture to their clients. This furniture is made by master-craftsmen and is of the highest quality and can be made from various different types of wood. Some of the custom furniture the company makes can be found below.

Shop Fittings

Grima Shop Fittings

Grima Furniture also offers a wide variety of shop fittings, which will enhance the look of a business by giving it a classic or modern look.


Grima Bedrooms

Whether it’s bedside tables or bed-frames, the company can make this furniture to millimetric precision on your measurements. The materials used to make the furniture varies, depending on the client’s choice.

Walk-in Wardrobes

Grima Walk-in Wardrobes

This style of wardrobe is very common nowadays and is a convenient way of storing and retrieving clothes. The company can tailor-make these kinds of wardrobes to your specifications and needs.

Wooden Apertures

Grima Wooden Apertures

Wooden apertures of any type can be created by the company. Their vast experience lets them bring your dreams to life by expertly crafting the wood into any desired shape.

TV Units

Grima Tv-Units

Whether it’s classically-designed TV-Units, with single layers of shelving or more modern and unique takes on these popular units, the company can cater to your every need.

Grima Furniture (1960) Ltd Online

The company can be found on it’s website, which is linked in the section below.

Grima Furniture (1960) Ltd’s Website

Grima Furniture Website

By clicking on the image, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will learn more about the custom-built furniture the company tailors to, as well as finding images on the beautifully-crafted furniture they provide their clients with.

Near Grima Furniture 1960 Ltd

The company can be found in the same road as Alphafarma and Mile-end Services. It is right in between the two neighboring businesses.

Contact Grima Furniture 1960 Ltd

T: 2144 9947
E: info@grimafurniture.com
A: No. 8, Bone Alley Industrial Estate, Mriehel BKR 14 – Malta
M: 9947 5183
F: 2148 0824

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