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Welcome to our page on All Malta Online – we carry a wide range of healthcare products. Our main product range is that of the Himalya Products. Please find below a brief introduction to the Himalaya brand with all natural ingredients perfected to ensure that you and your family get the best from nature without any harmful, unnatural chemicals used in most mainstream health care products.

The Himalaya brand has much in common with the mountain range from which it draws its name. For centuries, the Himalayas have been an icon of aspiration, of man’s quest to unlock nature’s secrets. They represent purity and lofty ideals. The fact that the Himalayas are the source of many of the herbs that are used in our products, makes our brand name all the more appropriate.

The himalaya logo is a visual representation of its brand identity. The leaf that forms the crossbar of the letter H evokes the company’s focus on herbal health care. The teal green represents proximity to nature, while the orange is evocative of warmth vibrancy and commitment to caring. The Himalaya brand carries with it the promise of good health and well being.

We mainly stock Hair care products, such as shampoos, hair creams and other excellent products; we also carry many face and body products.

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