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Fxb About

The company has been producing quality furniture since the 1890’s. Since then they have grown, expanded, learned and mastered their craft both in terms of quality woodwork, as well as customer care and satisfaction. FXB provides it’s customers with plenty of different styles when it comes to woodwork and offers expert advice on what would fit the client’s needs best.

Products by FXB

FXB produces excellent quality products, some of which are designed to look old, and some of which incorporate modern materials such as tempered glass and brushed steel or aluminium.

Below are some of the products available within FXB:

Fxb bedrooms

The company offers excellent quality bedrooms which can either come in a classic, modern or cottage style. They are all made by master craftsmen who have had many years of experience in their field.

Dining Rooms:
Fxb Dining

The company ensures that you will be dining in style with their very comprehensive range of exquisitely made dining room tables and furniture. There are plenty of styles to choose from, ensuring that all tastes are catered for.

Fxb Kitchens

Hard-wood finish or granite counter-tops ? The company does it all and can cater to your needs by making use of the years of experience it possesses. Each kitchen can be custom made to a clients specifications, with the particular design chosen from the showroom.

Living Rooms:
Fxb Living Room

The living rooms provided by FXB are made with the finest materials, including brushed aluminium and glass if a modern look is desired, or a wooden and grainy finish, if a classic design is asked for.

Services Provided by FXB Malta

The company also offers it’s clients a range of services to accompany the products which they sell. Some of the services the company provides can be found below.

Delivery and Installation Services:
The company will send over the purchased furniture to a client’s home and the furniture is installed by experts who have had plenty of years-worth of experience in this particular field. All items are transported and handled with care even while being built.

Windoor System Services :
Fxb Windoor
This service makes the installation of wooden flooring or decking available to clients. It is crafted and installed by experts who have had many years-worth of experience in their field. The style and type of wood can be chosen to reflect the personality of both room and owner.

Some possibilities of wooden installations can include:

  • Parquet Floors
  • Wooden Apertures
  • Wooden Decking

FXB Online

The company can be found both on their own website, as well as on Facebook. Both links are listed in the sections below.

FXB’s Website

Fxb Website

By clicking on the image above, you can visit the company’s website, where you will find more information about the products they offer, as well as the different styles they offer then in.

FXB On Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 26th August 2011. Since then they have gathered over 4,410 fans and their Facebook page is full of images showing their beautiful furniture and information about it.

Near FXB

The furniture company can be found in the same road as Galaxy Ltd and Ultra Computer Store. More accurately, it is found directly between the two locations.

Contact FXB

T: (+356)2147 0047
E: sales@fxb.com.mt
A: Triq l-Mdina, Qormi, Qrm 9014