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About F.W.D. Offroad Garage in Mosta, Malta

The garage has been open for business since 1980 and since then, it has welcomed a host of different off-road vehicles, such as Land Rovers. This enabled the staff at the garage to gain vital experience, which is needed to repair, maintain and service these vehicles. The garage also offers plenty of equipment and upgrades to Land Rovers, all of which are installed by experts, using the most modern tools available on the market.

The company also has a large variety of accessories and spare parts, both new and used at very reasonable prices.

Although the garage is very proficient at servicing and fixing all kinds of off-road vehicles, they specialize in a particular set.

FWD Offroad Garage

The models they specialize in are:

  • All Range Rovers
  • Discovery I
  • Discovery II
  • Series I
  • Series II
  • Series III
  • Defender 90/110
  • All Freelanders

They also sell excellent-quality Land Rovers and further inquiries into the purchase of such a vehicle should be directed towards them personally.

Common Problems With Off-road Vehicles

Common Problems Offroad

Below is a short list of some of the problems you can face when driving off-road vehicles:

Transmission Problems
In off-road vehicles, the transmission bears the brunt of constant shifting of gears to navigate difficult terrain. This constant shifting over uneven surfaces is going to add wear and tear which isn’t normally seen in road-going cars and thus wear out the transmission even faster, making gear changing more difficult and hard.

Alignment Problems
A common problem most off-road vehicles face and since off-road vehicles deal with uneven terrain, bumps, rocks and other obstacles, it’s easy to understand why the alignment of your vehicle might be off. The various jolts and sudden dips and inclines can also throw your car’s alignment off somewhat and can result in an unstable ride on even surfaces.

Tire Problems
Off-road tires are made of special stronger materials than normal road going tires, with deeper grooves and a larger surface area for more grip. However, these tires wear out to and will need replacing due to wear and tear inflicted by harsh terrains and sharp rocks. If unchanged, they can affect grip on uneven surfaces as well as grip in general on normal roads.

Body Damage
Scratches and dents are very common when driving your off-road vehicle over terrain with loose rocks and sharp protruding edge. The loose rocks get kicked-up by the tires and can damage the body-work quite easily. They do not necessarily affect performance.

Near F.W.D. Offroad Garage

F.W.D. Offroad Garage is a few minutes drive, further up from Ir-Razzett L-Ahmar and is found mid-way between the restaurant and Extra Time.

Contact F.W.D. Offroad Garage in Mosta, Malta

C: Joseph Falzon
T: 21431938
M: 99474530
A: Triq tas-Sriedak, San Pawl tal-Qlajja, Mosta

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