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About Euroim-JSM Ltd in Malta, Attard

Euroim-JSM Ltd is one of the most popular furniture companies in Malta that sell DIY (Do-It-Yourself) furniture. With the highest standards, Euroim-JSM Ltd have quality laminated furniture to furnish all types of rooms and homes.

Their range includes bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen units, swivel chairs, internal doors, external doors and so much more. Euroim-JSM Ltd also offer alterations on furniture. Most of the furniture is made of chipboard malamine but they also offer furniture in solid wood too.

All furniture made of malamine come in a standard size and they can supply you with all the fittings you may need even if they are not in the flat pack. If there is any damage in the materials, thay can also supply you with immediate new materials for replacment.

The flat pack furniture solution allows you to install all kinds of furniture easily or you can ask for their quality furniture fitters, all costs are kept low so you can benefit from the best possible price possible.

Furniture at Euroim-JSM Ltd


1 balconies
At Euroim JSM Ltd they offer the construction of traditional Maltese Balconies in solid wood. They are a feature one can see in a lot of Maltese streets. It is said that the closed wooden balcony dates back to the Arabs in Malta, when women in those days were housewives, who stayed at home and did not go out. The housewives would watch what was going on outside, it was a way of gossip and news about neighbours.

Bathroom Vanity units

2 bathroom vanity units
The company Euroim-JSM Ltd manufacture Bathroom vanities with various finishes in different colours and designs to suit you and to match your bathroom.


3 bedroom
Bedrooms can be designed in various ways according to your style, colours and finishes. With the help of the sales team at Euroim-JSM Ltd, they can make up a plan of your bedroom with colours and advise you on designs and much more. They also have the facility to make wardrobes and chest of drawers in solid wood.


4 kitchens
With the help of the sales team going on site to take measurements, they can carry out a quote on a kitchen. The sales team can guide you with the colour schemes, finishes and types of wood according yo tour budget and taste.

Living Rooms

5 units
The living room is a place where one can relax and socialise. Together with the sales team they can provide various designs of Shelving, tv units and cupboards in solid wood to complement the living area according to your taste and budgets.

Office Furniture

6 office furniture
At Euroim-JSM Ltd, they have office furniture available to furnish offices, to make the rooms more organised and a better place to work in. Ask the salesteam for they can help guide you for storage you may need as well as colour schemes and finishes.

Doors & Windows

7 doors & windows
At Euroim-JSM Ltd, doors and windows are available in various types of wood. Windows and doors blend well with houses of character. It is recommended to ask the salesteam on the designs of the doors and windows as well as the colour schemes.

Shoe Cabinets

8 shoe rack 1
A Shoe rack is a storage for holding shoes. The right type of shoe rack depends on how many shoes you have and where you want to place the shoe rack. Ask the sales team at Euroim-JSM Ltd for measurements, colours and designs to suit your needs.

Chairs, Tables and Desks

9 dining tables
Swivel chairs, Dining tables, Office tables and desks can be found at Euroim-JSM Ltd. They have various designs of tables and matching chairs for the dining room. Swivel chairs, Office tables and desks suitable for the Office as well as for the home. Ask the sales team at Euroim-JSM Ltd for more information.
10 solid pine furniture
Mon lung is affiliated with Euroim JSM ltd. They offer made to measure Woodworks which are all made in solid wood.