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About E Fiteni Imported Sweets & Confectionery in Malta, Tarxien,

Welcome to Emmanuel Fiteni Imported Sweets & Confectionery on All Malta Online.

Emmanuel Fiteni Imported Sweets and Confectionery offers a variety of sweet products such as Pick & Mix, Biscuits, Muffins, Christmas Products, Easter Products and more. Emmanuel Fiteni Sweets and Confectionery are suppliers to various shops.

Brand Biscuits


2 Pozzi
Pozzi Italian Biscuits have various cream filled flavoured biscuits such as Chocolate Chip, Honey, Orange, Lemon, Hazelnut, Apple, Cherry and Tiramisu.


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Hill Biscuits is a successful company that maintained a successful blend of high volume production capabilities and traditional baking methods. Hill Biscuits have a variety of flavoured cream biscuits such as custard, chocolate, strawberry, digestive, orange, coconut and also gingerbread men.

Huntley & Palmers

3 huntley and palmers
Huntley & Palmers was a British firm of biscuit makers originally based in Reading, Berkshire. At Emmanuel Fiteni Confectionery one can find Chocolate Olivers, Sweets biscuits, Savoury and much more.

Sweet products


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Vidal sweet product range covers all kinds of flavours, textures and shapes such as jelly beans, lollipops, soft candy, marshmallow, gum and so much more. At Emmanuel Fiteni Imported Sweets and Confectionery, all products endeavour to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding consumers.


5 quaranta
Quaranta specialises in the handmade production of nougat, desserts and sweets, typical of the confectionery tradition of Cremona and Bergamo provinces in Italy. E Fiteni Imported Sweets and Confectionery stock nougats and biscuits of Quaranta aimed to surprise, delight and to intrigue even the most demanding of consumers.


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Feletti Chocolates are made traditionally craft-based methods using only the very highest quality ingredients. Feletti manufactures fruit gellies, gift packs with pralines, chocolate bars, cooking chocolate and easter eggs too. These chocolates and sweets can be found at Emmanuel Fiteni Imported Sweets and Confectionery.


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Messori is an italian chocolate manufacturer that makes pralines and snacks. Using pure chocolate and natural ingredients in creating new, fancy and delicious products. E Fiteni stocks Messori for chocolate lovers that fall in love with chocolate.


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Belfine is known for relief figures, hollow figures and lollipops made from the traditional Belgian chocolate. A sheer delight for chocolate lovers at Emmanuel Fiteni Imported Sweets and Confectionery you will find the best belgian chocolate closer to home.

Candy Planet

9 candy planet
Candy Planet has a huge selection of Gummies from Sweet to Sour, Rock Candy, Chocolates, Bubblegums, Jelly Beans, Lollipops, Hard Candy, Sour Candy, Sweet Tarts, Liquid and Spray Candy and so much more. E Fiteni imported Sweets and Confectionery stocks Candy Planet for the sweets are Fat free, Sugar free and Gluten free.

Pick n Mix

10 pick n mix
At Emmanuel Fiteni Imported Sweets and Confectionery, one can find an array of sweets purchased by weight.


Emmanuel Fiteni Imported Sweets and Confectionery, one can find delicious muffins baked to perfection.

They also offers a vast selection of hampers, perfect for Christmas and other special occasions.

For more information contact Emmanuel Fiteni Imported Sweets & Confectionery.

Contact E Fiteni Imported Sweets & Confectionery in Malta, Tarxien

M: 99468177 / 99709874
A: 48, Joie De Vivre, Triq Karlu Maratta, Tarxien

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