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About Duo Restaurant in Malta

At Duo we believe in sharing our enthusiasm for stimulating healthy cuisine reflecting a broad spectrum of genuine Mediterranean gastronomic culture. Duo is not so much a business as a labour of love as we believe in the pleasure of sharing; choose and share any number of either complimentary or contrasting authentic dishes.

Having a great passion for the kitchen and service, brother and sister have teamed up together as your hosts, putting together some dazzling  and tasty combinations, in a relaxed, simple and friendly atmosphere.

The concept behind ’Duo’ is quite simple ….. to offer its patrons an overall magical experience.

Using fresh ingredients to create the varied daily dishes, an extensive wine list, together with an outstanding dessert menu, ‘Duo’ will surely live up to its mission.

It’s innovative menu format, building on the mezé tradition of Mediterranean cultures, will allow patrons to sample various dishes during their meal.

Duo is not the standard restaurant; it’s a ‘food for sharing’ concept where focus is on fusing traditional dishes with a touch of modern style cuisine.

The food is not all served at one go but with short intervals allowing guests to enjoy each dish and its flavours. And as most of the cooking is prepared instantly for each and every client by using pure and fresh ingredients, the preparation time of each dish varies.

The warm setting and well trained team should also contribute to making your experience a special one.

It is no secret that life has taken an ever increasingly fast pace, and people don’t take the time to enjoy the simple good things in life. The joy of sitting down for a meal, whether it’s with the family or a noisy get-together of friends, is one of life’s great rituals; a time to pause, to allow senses to indulge.

So we invite you to relax and enjoy your meal; we hope to make this a memorable one !

Natasha & Tonio





Contact Duo Restaurant in Qawra

C: Tonio Micallef
T: 21578236
M: 79975203/ 99057089
A: Duo Restaurant, Dawret il-Qawra, Qawra, Malta
H: Mon,Wed,Thu and Friday 18.00-23.00, Sun 12.00-22.00

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