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This motoring school is both professional and safe. The school realizes that choosing a motoring school can be a daunting process and finding a proper driving Instructor, who’s teaching-style matches your tastes is even harder.

That is why the driving school will supply it’s clients with the most professional driving instructors around, as well as excellent cars to practice on, both in terms of quality and safety. They also offer tuition for those who wish to drive trucks.

Drivewell Motoring School’s Tuition

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Drivewell’s instructors are fully qualified and will teach you the proper rules of the road, by the book. The instructors go the extra mile to ensure that their pupils learn the correct rules of the road, as well as learning to handle themselves and their vehicles.

Some of the things you can expect from the school’s professional instructors are :

Professional guidance
This is given by qualified tutors.

Dual controlled vehicles
2 sets of controls for added safety.

Individual tuition
This ensures that you get the most from the money spent.

Structured learning
which helps a gradual and correct gathering of experience

No unnecessary extra lessons
No extra expenses if you’re ready to be tested.

Punctuality for lessons
The instructors make sure to give you the maximum time allocated to you, by arriving and dropping you off on time.

This tuition will be provided on :

Manual Transmission Cars
Automatic Transmission Cars

Drivewell Motoring School’s Cars

3 Drivewell-Motoring-School-cars
The driving school uses very reliable vehicles, both with either manual or automatic transmissions. These cars also have two sets of controls, to help the pupil feel more comfortable and safe when driving and to avoid an accident if the need arises. They also are fully air-conditioned and comfortable, providing a stable driving environment for the pupil. The cars are regularly serviced and kept in tip-top condition, providing the drivers with a new-car feel and performance.

Drivewell Motoring School Online

The motoring school can be found on it’s website, which is linked below.

Drivewell Motoring School Website

Drivewell Website
By clicking on the image above, you can learn more about the driving school itself, it’s instructors and the aims the motoring school wants to achieve. The website also has an “Sms Testimonial” page, showing the good work the driving school has done with it’s pupils.


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Near Drivewell Motoring School

The driving school is in the vicinity of The Pergola and Thomas Spratt Square.

Contact Drivewell Motoring School

M: (+356)9949 8240
E: drivewell.ms@hotmail.com
A: 127, Triq Il-Migbha, Mellieha, MLH 2249