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By clicking on this image, you can view what Dolceria Croce Bonaci has to offer in terms of food, but in a nutshell, it explains the different kinds of food available and new higher-end items, such as Thai Asian cigars, torpedo prawns and many other novelties.

About Dolceria Croce Bonaci

Dolceria Croce Bonaci was founded in 1884 by Gianni Bonaci. After his passing, it was taken over by his sons and they founded the Bonaci Brothers cafeteria operating under the name of ” The Premiere” in 1928. Since the brothers were business men and three of them were excellent pastry chefs, they built a factory, which was regrettably destroyed during the 2nd World War. Today, under the care of one of the Bonaci family members, it is flourishing and has been expanding ever since.

About Dolceria Croce Bonacis Food

Dolceria Croce Bonaci Food menu

The food provided by Dolceria Croce Bonaci is vast and varied and all equally delicious. To help clients out, they have set up a set menu system which allows one to cater for ones own needs, whilst also tailor-making items to suit your budget. Starting from mouth-watering shrimp-boats and ending with the ever-popular timpana, Dolceria Croce Bonaci is ready to deliver on all it has to offer, while exceeding expectations in terms of service, quality of food and customer satisfaction.

About Dolceria Croce Bonaci Venues

Dolceria Croce BonaciVenues

Apart from Dolceria Croce Bonacis’ famous “Il Cortile”, other venues are available to host parties, wedding receptions and other events as well. if you click on the image above , you will find an abundance of gorgeous Villas and Palaces, but basically, it explains which kinds of places Dolceria Croce Bonaci has to offer, and a brief history about them.

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In the video above, you can see the various tempting pastries and savory snacks available from the always-popular Dolceria Croce Bonaci.

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T: (+356) 21225924
A: Dolceria Croce Bonaci,32, St.Ursula Street,Valletta