DNA Analysis, Forensic Science and Paternity Testing in Malta

DNA consulta Forensic Analysis, DNA Testing, Paternity testing in Malta
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DNA Consulta is focused on providing ultimate solutions for DNA, Paternity and Familial Relationship Testing.
A personalized service that will provide you with advice and testing that is affordable, reliable, precise and objective.

DNA Profiling and Paternity Testing in Malta by DNA Consulta

Guaranteeing to establish paternity without a doubt enabling our clients to, confirm or confute their doubts where truth is sought above anything else.
DNA Profiling can provide the best evidence in settling inheritence claims, estate managment or finding long-lost relatives.
The range of samples that can be tested is extensive, and consultancy can help identify the right samples that can be tested.
DNA results can have very profound implications. You cannot just trust anyone with your samples.
That is why here at DNA Consulta a personalised service is provided. This ensures that you and your case get the necessary attention you rightly deserve.
Such a consultancy service is based on experience and knowledge of techniques employed, with the fundamental aim of providing decisive answers, reaping from over twenty five years of experience in a tough forensic science environment.
In all undertakings, confidentiality is maintained.

Crime Scene Forensic Testing in Malta by DNA Consulta

Crime scene samples from a comprehensive range can be compared with those of other scenes of crimes, perpetrators, or victims.

[one_third]DNA consulta,  Christoper Farrugia Consultant Forensic Scientist [/one_third]
[two_third]Christopher Farrugia Dip. MLT, PgD Forensic Science (Strath) our LEAD Forensic Scientist has over twenty-five years experience.
Working with the Police Forensic Science Laboratory and Malta National Laboratory and with two private laboratories as a Consultant.[two_third_last]
As Court Experts we are involved in numerous criminal and civil cases.
DNA Consulta was created as a specialist personalised service providing for private and public cases in both civil and criminal fields.
We are committed to providing a serious and professional service based on consultation and handling of cases with the aim of achieving an objective and conclusive result.

Sports Testing and other DNA testing applications by DNA Consulta, Malta

Besides the identification and individual nature of our profiling tests, here at DNA Consulta we also offer tests for sportsmen who wish to maximise their potential.
The ACTN3 gene can identify the endurance potential as part of a holistic undertaking to bring out the best in our athletes.
Individual DNA Profile.
Other tests carried out include the ACTN3 to help professional coaches and individual sportsmen gear themselves to athletic performance.

Non Human Testing

Non-human DNA Birdsexing will identify the sex of exotic birds like Macaws, Parrots, African Greys and Coacateels. Other birds include emus and doves.
Testing is based on definitive markers and standard operating procedures.
In Non-Human, DNA Birdsexing exotic and other birds can be typed using feathers.
This removes the need of what formerly used to be a surgical intervention to determine the sex of the bird. We can also determine pedigree testing.

DNA Profiling for Organ Doanation by DNA Consulta

DNA Consulta also provides a Twin Zygosity Test to establish whether twin siblings share the same DNA profile or not, so important in organ donation.Use link below to visit our website for more detailed information.DNA consulta Visit Website

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