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Dive Systems, located next to the shore-line in Sliema, has been established for a long time. The company is one of the leading dive centers on the island and has been so for more than 30 years. They are also the founding members of Malta Professional Diving School Association(PDSA) and actively involve themselves in that same school.

The dive centre comes equipped with all one can need for a relaxing dive. This is done by providing a safe environment and friendly and professional staff. Non-diving relatives and friends are also able to make use of the available facilities. They can relax on the beach, from which they can watch the activities provided by the diving center. There is also a play-ground for children and a garden close by. Also, plenty of restaurants and snack bars are available for lunch, should one feel peckish.

Dive Systems offers some of the best facilities and diving training on the Maltese islands. They can cater for small or large groups. However, to keep a maximum level of safety, small groups are taken down thus ensuring safety and a great diving experience. The diving centre comes equipped with modern diving technology which is tested often by professionals and maintenance is performed to ensure safety. The diving centers instructors are very friendly and are also qualified diving professionals. They stop at nothing to make your dive memorable and unique by guiding you through carefully studied diving sites. The instructors also are able to speak several different languages, which means that plenty of nationalities are catered for.

Their young and professional team will make your visit one to remember and readily meet demands with the most courteous of smiles. They also prepare weekly events which are not strictly diving-related. These serve to help clients and the staff socialize and get to know one another a little better.

Dive Systems Malta Services

Dive Systems Malta Services

By clicking on the link above, one can see the services provided by Dive Systems but in a nutshell, it explains the various services available by the dive center, including;

Diving Services :

  • Equipment Hire
  • Air Refills
  • Gas Blending
  • Cylinder Testing & Inspection
  • Retail Outlet
  • Equipment Servicing
  • Commercial Diving Works
  • Boat Charter
  • Liveaboard Trips
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Car Hire
  • Other Services

Dive Systems and Diving Services

Below are explanations of the various diving services that the diving center offers

Equipment Hire

Dive Systems Malta Equipment hire

The diving company has quality equipment for hire.Below are the rental charges for all the equipment available for hire. They can also provide diving items which aren’t present on the list.

Dive Systems and Air Refills

Dive Systems Malta Air Refill

Dive Systems has two compressors which are used to re-fill air canisters . These can cope with the needs of a large diving center. The company is capable of producing almost 2000 liters per minute and also has banking facilities. These facilities store over 640 liters of air at 300 bars. They can also provide nitrox and trimix.

Dive Systems performs air checks to ensure that the air is of the finest quality possible. They can fill cylinders to 200, 230 or 300 bars of pressure and their cylinders are filled in a water tank. This ensures that they do not heat up whilst filling and take less wear. By use of this process, the cylinders keep the pressure they were filled at.

Dive Systems and Gas Blending

Dive Systems Malta Gas Blending

The diving center provides all kinds of gas mixes to suit a wide variety of needs. They can provide both Nitrox to Trimix. Continuous flow and partial pressure blending panels are also available.

Dive Systems and Cylinder Testing and Inspection

Dive Systems Malta Cylinder-Testing

Cylinders are visually checked by the company once a year. They also perform hydro-static tests every 5 years when the cylinders are still new and after that, tests at 2 year intervals. They also offer a full range of tank services :

  • Visual Inspection
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Tank Painting and Spraying
  • Tank Paint Scraping
  • Hydrostatic Test Only
  • Hydrostatic Test (Inc. pillar valve service and tank cleaning)
  • Sand Blasting Internal (after cleaning)
  • Pillar Valve Servicing

Dive Systems and Retail-Outlets

Dive Systems Malta Retail-Outlets

The diving center has a well stocked retail outlet which is full of high end brands and top-quality products ant reasonable prices. Branded gear provided by the outlets include;

  • IST
  • MDE
  • IDE

Dive Systems and Equipment Servicing

Dive Systems Equipment Servicing

the company offers excellent after-sales service on their products. They offer expert advice and equipment is repaired by certified professionals.

Dive Systems and Commercial Diving Works

Dive Systems Malta Commercial Diving Works

This company can provide its commercial customers with various types of underwater work. They can clean ship hulls or even retrieve lost equipment.

Dive Systems and Boat Charter

Dive Systems Boat Charter

Various kinds of boats or dinghies can be rented from the company for a fair price.

Dive Systems and Liveaboard

Dive Systems Malta Live Aboard

“Grecale” and “Scrumpy” are the two boats available for this activity. For more information you can click on the link above, where it will give you details on the boats available.

Dive Systems and Non-Diving Services

Below is an explanation of the various non-diving services offered by the diving center

Dive Systems and Accommodation

Dive Systems Malta Accommodation

Through the clickable image, you can choose which kind of accommodation you would like when visiting the Maltese islands.

Dive Systems and Transfers

Dive Systems Transfers

By clicking on the image above, you can see the various pick-up points that the company offers and their prices .

Dive Systems and Car Hire

Dive Systems Car Hire

The company works with a car rental company which has good quality vehicles. The prices are very reasonable but vary considerably according to the type of car one chooses and the length of rental.

Dive Systems and Other Services

Dive Systems Other Services

The company goes out of its way to make the client’s visit as memorable as possible. Such services include :

  • English Language Teaching
  • Child Minding
  • Organised Tours
  • Conference and Incentive Travel
  • Team Building Sessions
  • Seaplane and Helicopter Tours
  • Rockclimbing
  • Watersports

Dive Systems Malta Online

Below, is a list of sites where the diving school can be found. A compilation of
information about the company can be viewed by clicking on the images and videos

Dive Systems Malta Website

Dive Systems Website

By clicking on their website you can find more information on various services provided by the diving center. Also you can find more information about dive-sites they provide and the rates for diving classes for all levels of experience.

Dive Systems Malta on Facebook

The company joined Facebook on the 1st September 2008 and since then, has gathered 2,114 fans. Their Facebook page is full of upcoming activities and tips on how to look after your diving gear.

Dive Systems Malta on Youtube

Above, you can see a live recording of a person diving with the diving company and what can be seen and expected.

Dive Systems Malta on Trip Advisor

Dive Systems Trip Advisor

Here we can find reviews and opinions of other people who have already visited the diving center. by clicking above, one can read more about what other people’s experiences were like.

Inside Dive Systems Malta

Dive Systems Inside

Inside , one can see that the retail-outlet is very well equipped to deal with all your diving needs. It is also manned by very friendly staff who have a vast knowledge on diving related products, their uses and maintenance.

Near Dive Systems Malta

Near the Diving school, you can find the Plaza Hotel, which is a luxurious hotel and is also ideal as accommodation for a stay in Malta. Moreover, a children’s playground is available and is just a few minutes away.

Contact Dive Systems Malta

T: (+356) 2131 9123
M: (+356) 79319123
E: info@divesystemsmalta.com
A: Dive Systems (W.S.) Ltd., Tower Point, Tower Road, Exiles, Sliema SLM 1601, MALTA