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Di Natura About

Di Natura are committed to preserving the environment, as well as providing one with a renewable source of energy for their homes. Through years of experience and technical know-how, they have managed to harness nature’s power, to suit man’s needs, without being a detriment to the environment. This is done by providing their clients with high-grade merchandise and expert advice on it’s placement within their home.

They also aim to contribute to human progress by supplying products that balance an access to heat, light, wind and water. All this is done while efficiently reducing waste, emissions and discharges. This process improves the conditions of the environment at large.

Di Natura’s Products and Services

Di Natura offers Energy Saving & Energy Generation solutions. These solutions, coupled with their products, make financial sense, because they save a substantial amount of money in the long-run. Di Natura has become one of the major leaders in Photo-voltaic systems. It Offers leading brands which are combined with years of expertise in the field of energy-saving and has proved itself on plenty of occasions, both commercially and domestically. The installation of water systems is yet another area in which Di Natura specializes in. The company provides a Reverse Osmosis service to a large number of localities in Malta and Gozo. This helps thousands of people enjoy clean and safe drinking water.

Di Natura Products

Photo-Voltaic Panels from Di Natura

Di Natura Solar Panel Product

By clicking on the image above, you can find some more information about the top-class solar panels offered by the company. It says that the solar panels are supplied by the most reputable brands . Also, the panels themselves are made of the best materials , which give you virtually infinite service life with little or no maintenance required. The panels come with a 25 year guarantee and a 25% to 33% return on your investment is also promised.

Some benefits of installing these solar panels can be :

  • Generate your own Electricity for free
  • Reduce electricity consumption bills immediately
  • GUARANTEED 33% return on investment at commercial rates and 25% for residential
  • Feed in tariffs of €0.25c per unit (€0.28c Gozo) when applicable
  • Maintenance free: no moving parts, pipes, tanks
  • 25 Years Guarantee
  • Reputable brands: Bosch, LG, Mitsubishi, Future Solar
  • Installation and frame included

Water Systems from Di Natura

Di Natura Water System Product

By using modern technology in water purification, one can have pure drinking water, straight from your tap. This is cost-effective and saves money because a simple reverse-osmosis unit can generate over a 100 Liters of water a day.

By installing a water system (such as a reverse osmosis unit) You can benefit in the following ways :

  • No more carrying heavy 6 packs of bottled water from the supermarket
  • No need to have bulky water jugs delivered
  • Never have to dispose of dozens empty plastic bottles into the environment.
  • With an reverse-osmosis water system, you will never run out of pure drinking water again.

Hydro Systems from Di Natura

Di Natura Hydro System Product

Hydrogen burns efficiently and cleanly. It creates water vapor as this, is the only by-product. If hydrogen, along with oxygen, had to be introduced into the fuel injection system of a car, the hydrogen-oxygen mix would increase the cars power and thus make it faster.

Di Natura Services

Strategies by Di Natura

The company’s strategies are very straight forward. They aim to offer environmentally friendly solutions at competitive prices. Since it’s creation, Di Natura has actively helped towards the reduction of CO2.

Planning by Di Natura

Di Natura has gained a reputation for unique designs and high quality product. Their installations are carried out after an on-site inspection that is intended to help plan their clients designs. The fully qualified installers have experience in building custom installations. This shows the high level of dedication that the company can provide.

Di Natura Products as an Investment

Their systems are smart investments. Solar Panels, as an example, offer a comparative return to most financial investments. The financial return is a safe one and is also guaranteed. Investing in the company’s systems is not just a step towards financial benefit, but also an act of preservation of the surrounding environment that this same company holds in the highest regards.

Di Natura and Development

Di Natura is an active contributor to the Alternative Energy Sources sector. The company has installed more than 3,000,000 watts worth of photo-voltaic panels and was also the 1st company to install a solar-hybrid system (Photo-voltaic panels & Solar Thermal system) in Malta. Through its quality brands it continuously offers the newest technology to its client.

Di Natura Online

Below you can find a list of sites featuring Di Natura and some information about the company as well.

Di Natura’s Website

Di NaturaWebsite

Here, one may find some more information about the company and also links to both Facebook and Youtube, which are conveniently provided below.

Di Natura on Facebook

Di Natura joined Facebook on the 24th October 2011 and since then, has gained a following of 665 followers. Their page contains useful information about renewable energy, as well as products available by the company itself.

Di Natura on Youtube

The video above, deals with Di Natura’s focuses and expertise on solar panels, as well as some handy information about their own products.

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Contact DI Natura

T: (+356) 21 480108, (+356) 27 480108
M: (+356) 99 992108
E: info@dinatura.com.mt
A: Di Natura, Psaila Street, Birkirkara BKR 02, MALTA.