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Cutrico Services Ltd was established in 1984. Through dedication and excellent service, it has developed into one of the leaders in both supply and installation of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning in Malta and Gozo.

Cutrico Services Ltd represents high-end international brands which are well known the world over in their line of business. Their sales are backed up by a highly skilled workforce, with most of its technical staff having been factory trained overseas. This investment in training and emphasis on customer-care, gives you a guarantee of being catered for by a staff member with expertise and experience. The company also caters for the commercial and industrial sector, as well as residential demands.

Cutrico Services Ltd’s Products

The company provides you with an excellent range of products, some of which can be seen below

Air Conditioning by Cutrico Services Ltd

Cutrico Services air conditioners

It has become important for all buildings to have a suitable air conditioning system . This keeps air temperature at a desired level, as well as the buildings inhabitants or guests comfortable.

The company has the following air conditioning solutions to help you cool off :

Single & Multi Split Units With Invertor

This particular unit has the capability of heating or cooling more than one room at the same time, while only possessing one out-door unit. The indoor units can be mounted anywhere , be it high wall, floor/ceiling mount, cassette or concealed units

VRF Systems

VRF, or Variable Refrigeration Flow, is used to regulate the temperature of the room with precision throughout multiple rooms, on just a single fan coil. Toshiba’s Mini-VRF systems are safe, reliable, provide ambient comfort and durability, but above all, considerable energy savings. The system is compatible with a range of indoor fan coil units in 13 different styles. These can be cassette, high wall or even concealed. This makes it the perfect choice of indoor units available to date.

Chiller Systems

These systems are used to chill or heat very large places, like shopping malls, hotels or even hospitals . They are available in both air-cooled and water-cooled systems. Both systems utilize a refrigerant that changes phase to a gas within an evaporator. This absorbs heat from the water to be cooled. once the water is cooled, a compressor forces it back out at a greater strength.

Machine Process Cooling Systems

These coolers can be directly attached to machines, to keep them performing at an optimum temperature. They work in practically the same way that a normal air conditioner does, but without the fan-end for cooling humans off.

Low Ambient Units With Invertor

These specialized units keep the temperature of a room between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius. They are typically used where low room temperatures are required, such as a server-rooms and hospitals.

Wine Cellar Units With Invertor

These units are designed to keep wine at a constant temperature. Their reliability and constant airflow ensure that your wine cellar is well equipped. You can also create these right storage and ageing conditions for your wine at home with WineMaster cellar air conditioners. The WineMaster also comes with humidity control.

Marine Systems

These systems range from the needs of a luxury yacht to those of a day cruiser . They range from 12 volt marine air conditioning units to larger chiller systems. These are in used often by the commercial fishing and food processing industry. Due to their smaller size and increased efficiency.

Mirror Demisters by Cutrico Services Ltd

Cutrico Services  Demisters

A heating mat is placed behind the mirror and heats the it to negate temperature difference. The heating mat can be set to switch on along with your bathroom’s light. This keeps your mirror steam-free and doesn’t consume large quantities of energy.

Beverage Systems by Cutrico Services

Cutrico Services beverages

The Super SideBar® is an electronic liquor/beverage dispensing system. It’s easy to use, and can store plenty of drinks. This mini-fridge, essentially, stores all kinds of drinks. It cools them efficiently and is both suitable for use in-doors and out-doors.

Some of it’s features are listed below :

  • Lighted Keypad with interchangeable labels
  • Suitable for Indoor/ Outdoor use

Cutrico Services Ltd’s Solutions

The company also offers solutions to all your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, alternative energy, building design and marine needs. For more information, you can read on to the sections below.

Central Vacuum Cleaners by Cutrico Services Ltd’s

Cutrico Services Vacuum

Central vacuum cleaners are designed for cleaning environments and improving the quality of the air. Installed in an area of your choice within your house, the central unit remains relatively hidden. Sockets are fitted into the wall, to the main pipe leading to the main unit itself. The sockets allow you to attach a flexible hose to be able to clean on the go, whichever room you’re in . This eliminates the need to carry around your vacuum cleaner.

Some Advantages of owning a Central Vacuum Cleaner are :

  • Quick cleaning
  • Maximum hygiene
  • Silent
  • Pleasing to look at
  • Savings
  • Low maintenance

Ventilation Solutions by Cutrico Services Ltd.

Cutrico Services  Air Purification

The company offers you a variety of ventilation solutions, some of which are :

  • Air Purification
  • Welding Fumes Extraction
  • Localized Extraction
  • Fume Cabinets
  • Air Handling Units
  • Heat Recovery Units
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Smoke & Fire Ventilation
  • Smoke & Fire Curtains
  • Car Park Impulse Ventilation

These ventilation solutions are used to purify the air from undesired fumes or dust and help keep the air around you fresh and clean.

Marine Solutions by Cutrico Services Ltd.

Cutrico Services marine

Supplying top quality marine equipment and expert repairs, the company has made a name for itself among the yachting society. They cater for both your and your yacht’s needs.

Some solutions to marine-related problems are :

  • Marine Air Conditioning
  • Marine Refrigeration
  • Marine Water Makers
  • Marine Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Marine Central Vacuum Cleaners
  • Glass Coating
  • Beverage Systems

Heating by Cutrico Services Ltd.

Cutrico Services heating
Cutrico Services Ltd has the know-how and the products to help you make an informed decision when it comes to heating your home.

Some heating solutions are :

  • Under floor heating– Electric
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Stoves – Wood, Gas & Fuel Oil
  • Fireplaces – Wood, Gas & Fuel Oil
  • Fire Baskets – Wood & Gas
  • Radiators – Electric & Boiler System
  • Towel heaters – Electric
  • Mirror demisters – Electric
  • Made to measure cookers – Gas & Electric
  • Air conditioning

Building Design by Cutrico Services Ltd

Cutrico Services building design

The company can offer both intelligent and attractive solutions to cater to all your needs.

It strikes a balance between aesthetic beauty and every-day practicality by use of the following solutions:

  • Solar Shading
  • Glass Structures
  • Courtyard Covers

Cutrico Services Ltd Online Cutrico Services Ltd. Website

Cutrico Services Website

The above image will take you to Cutrico Services Ltd’s website . Here you can find some more information about their products and solutions .

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