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Charles and Ron are a fashion designer company. Charles Borg, a Maltese citizen was born on the 29th of October in 1968. As a young boy, he learned the art of tailoring from his family, who were excellent dress-makers. Years later in Amsterdam, Charles met Ron van Maarschalkerweerd. Ron had been studying Economics and how to effectively manage human resources. The two became friends and formed a business partnership and are now Malta’s leading fashion brand. Their clothes are gorgeous and they do draw some of their inspirations from old-Hollywood’s glamour, but their main inspiration is from their Mediterranean surroundings and the people in it and the Maltese in particular .

The company has built up a reputation by providing fine clothes and have even ventured into bridal-wear. They host fashion shows twice a year and it is regarded as one of the most popular and prestigious shows in the Maltese Islands. Charles and Ron have also been awarded 3 separate fashion awards, 2 of which were for “Best Designer” and 1 for “Major Contributors to Maltese Fashion”.

Fashion Products by Charles and Ron

Charles and Ron Fashion

As seen in the image above, Charles and Ron really do provide the best for their customers both in terms of quality and design. Their dresses are made to bring out the wearers best features and there are plenty of unique dresses made to match even the most unique of clients.

Bridal Wear By Charles and Ron

Charles and Ron bridal

When one thinks of a wedding, the dress is what usually comes to mind, second only to the bride. Charles and Ron have ventured into the wedding-dress industry and have come up with some very stunning designs and concepts. Their dresses are made of the highest-quality materials available and help make that special and perfect day complete.

Events Hosted by Charles and Ron

Charles and Ron Events 2

This show has become “THE” fashion event to attend. This is mainly because Charles and Ron have become the fashion leaders in Malta. They have also received multiple awards for excellent design and huge contributions to the Maltese fashion world. They host this event twice a year and the turnout is always as huge as expected.

Charles and Ron Online

Charles and Ron, being popular fashion designers, are on plenty of sites, including Facebook and Youtube, as well as having their own website.

Charles and Ron Website

Charles and Ron Website

By clicking on the image of the website, you will be taken to the official Charles and Ron page. Here it will show you some more images of their exquisitely designed clothes, being by means of models and photo-shoots.

Charles and Ron on Facebook Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 20th January 2011 and have since then have gathered the admiration of 7,973 people. Their page is full of showcasing of current dresses and photo-shoots as well as photographs of past events.

Charles and Ron on Youtube

Near Charles and Ron

Close to Charles and Ron, you can find Da Vinci Hospital just a short walk up and the Birkirkara Primary School in the opposite direction.

Contact Charles and Ron

T: (+356)2144 6879
M: (+356)9982 1797
E: info@charlesandron.com
A: CHARLES & RON STUDIO, 89, Ignatio Saverio Mifsud Street, Birkirkara, BKR 1174 Malta, Europe