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CD Power Solutions Co Ltd About

CD Power Solutions is an engineering at heart and it specializes in custom-made energy saving solutions. They achieve this by working with their clients and provide them with professional advice on designs and on how to make the best use of their energy-saving equipment.

Products Offered by CD Power Solutions Co Ltd

CD Power Solutions Co Ltd Products

The company offers many different products, all of which are energy-efficient and some of which are solar powered.

Below is a short list of some of the products available by the company :

PV Modules/Panels:
The solar panels provided by the company are supplied by none other than Solar-Fabrik. The panels are available in either poly- or mono- crystalline form and both are very reliable and robust.

These micro inverters help the solar panels perform more reliably and also offer the added benefit of allowing the client to be able to monitor how much energy is being produced.

Thermodynamic Panel:
The company supplies these panels at a reasonable price. The thermodynamic panels are less conventional than electric water heaters, but are more reliable and give better returns on electricity bills. A refrigerant circulates through the panel and absorbs heat from the atmosphere. This refrigerant then turns into a gas and starts giving off heat, which is transferred to the water. The water is then stored in a tank designed to prevent heat-loss.

The company supplies the VO4Home range. It is mainly used in homes and it functions to keep voltages optimized for maximum energy efficiency, while reducing energy consumption.

Powerstar is a product designed to optimize the voltage within a house. The product is manufactured by EMSc UK Ltd.

EASI (Energy Automation Systems Inc.) is a mixture of different energy-saving components and technologies, which are installed in industrial and commercial buildings. They produce decent savings and have been proven to work effectively for the high energy demands which the industrial and commercial sectors have.

This product is a device which works very well with refrigeration. It limits the start/stop cycles of industrial fridges and freezers and thus reduces the energy costs.

Services Offered by CD Power Solutions Co Ltd

CD Power Solutions Co Ltd Services

CD Power Solutions Co Ltd offers client’s services which are customer-oriented and are aimed at helping clients with their queries and repairs, s well as installations and maintenance. These services are provided by fully-qualified experts who have had years of experience in their field.

Below, you can find some of the services provided by the company :

The company offers the possibility of installing their products for their clients. they are performed by fully-qualified professionals who are very experienced and can offer essential advice on the performance of your purchase.

Repairs/Proactive Maintenance:
Maintenance services are also offered by CD Power Solutions Co Ltd. They aim to minimize down-time and give their clients the best and most thorough service possible

Site Visits:
Before quotations and installations are done, the company sends an expert to give clients advice on how best to proceed in terms of product spacing and in terms of which product would best fit their needs. These services are free and one should contact the company for further details.

CD Power Solutions Co Ltd Online

The company can be found on both their website, as well as their Facebook page. Links to both online presences can be found below.

CD Power Solutions Co Ltd’s Website

CD Power Solutions Co Ltd Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will learn about the different products and services they provide for their clients, as well as CD Power Solutions Co Ltd’s aims and goals.

CD Power Solutions Co Ltd on Facebook Latest Updates

CD Power Solutions Co Ltd joined Facebook on the 14th March 2013. Since then, they have gained the admiration of over 250 fans. Their page is full of images, showcasing their latest products.

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The company is found opposite TrolleyMania and right next to Vernon Food.

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