Ta’ Klariċċ Restaurant

If you are out for a great meal, visit Ta’ Klariċċ Restaurant for an exquisite Mediterranean or Maltese cuisine. From a delicious Seafood platter to a juicy Stuffed Klariċċ Fillet or Traditional Maltese Rabbit special.

Ta’ Indri Snack Bar

Ta’Indri is a ‘local restaurant for local people’ serving exceptional Maltese cuisine. Sonia Buhagiar runs the restaurant, making sure that authentic traditional dishes are served. Ta’ Indri Snack bar offers the good food, a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Offers Takeaway and for those who spend more than €10 will have delivery service. Takes Catering orders for events. Traditional Maltese Dishes served such as rabbit (Fenkata), Horsemeat and much more Maltese dishes.

Ta’ Rita Lapsi View

Bar & Restaurant in Siggiewi, Malta Ta’ Rita Lapsi View Bar & Restaurant goes a long way back to the times of Rita’s grandfather, who was the original owner of this 3rd generation family business. Opening his business as a bar in the 1930s, Frenc Azzopardi used to cook fresh rabbits for the Royal English marines. …

Rubino Restaurant

Rubino Restaurant Valletta, Malta in Old Bakery Street very close to the Manoel Theatre. offers food with an emphasis on Maltese and Italian cuisine Additionally Rubino’s also offers a variety of pastas, a selection of stuffed Maltese vegetables, lamb, rabbit(usually on Tuesdays) and our famous Tagliata which is prime grilled beef served sliced with Parmesan shavings.