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Naqriet Garage

Naqriet Garage is an Insurance-approved repairer for Panel Beating and Spray-Painting. We do all kind of body work on all kinds of vehicles. Car Damages: repair damages in chases, bent wheels, body panels, fibre glass, plastic bumpers and more. Spray Painting: Oven baked spray painting using water based and hardener paint. Solid, metallic and pearl colours available. We also use a mixing machine.

Charles Garage

Services offered by Charles Garage include: Panel Beating & Spray Painting, Air-dent pulling, Rust-proofing chassis alignment, Tick/ Spot/ CD2/ Aluminium Welding, Water Based Paint Finish, Mechanical and service airbags, Car wash: Normal Interior Cleaning, Waxing and Polishing, Engine Cleaning, Hand-Wash and much more services.