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Cassar Air-conditioning Systems Ltd is one of Malta’s leaders in Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Systems (H.V.A.C). The company has been growing since it was founded in 1996 and is still improving till today in both it’s techniques and customer satisfaction. With 40 years of experience underneath it’s belt, the company has become an expert in refrigeration, both domestically and industrially, supplying quality products and genuine services to their clients.

The company also takes care of it’s customer’s needs after the sale has taken place and does so by providing them with professional after-sales services. These services incorporate the company’s technical and professional expertise on their products.

Cassar Air-conditioning System Ltd’s Products

Cassar Air-conditioning Services Ltd Products

CAS provides it’s clients with excellent-quality products, as well as the installation of the products themselves. The company offers products such as close control units, VRF systems, domestic and commercial air-conditioning units and plenty of others.

More detail on some of the products supplied by CAS can be seen below :

Air-conditioning – Domestic:
Different types of A/C units to suit different domestic needs. These modern units are silent, energy efficient and give the user more control over the regulation of room temperatures.

Air-conditioning – Light Commercial:
A stronger A/C unit which is used for small businesses. This unit is more energy efficient and gives the user better cooling results in larger rooms.

Air-conditioning – Commercial:
This A/C unit is very strong and is designed to withstand constant use. It’s parts are more resistant to wear and tear and it can easily cool large showrooms and other similar areas, while also being very silent and quite energy efficient.

Heat Pump – Water Heater System:
This heating system heats up water and does so while also saving energy. It saves energy due to the type of gas it uses to deliver the heat, as well as the body of the product itself, which prevents any further heat-loss.

Air Conditioning – CMV-VRF:
These air conditioning systems are quite large and offer perfect cooling for very large buildings. The air-conditioning unit can incorporate controls within it’s central unit, or have separate control panels in each room. This allows for individual room cooling from just one unit.

Dehumidifiers are used to extract the moisture out of the air around it and keep the air crisp, clean and fresh. This also has health benefits as the product possesses filters, which trap dust and mold.

Wine Cabinets:
Special cabinets used for the preservation of wine. They are capable of providing both optimum temperature and humidity to the wine itself, to keep it from changing taste.

Gas Room Heaters:
Heaters powered by gas. These are a common alternative to electrical heaters as they are more efficient and cause less of an impact on your bills. They heat up rooms adequately and are very safe.

Electric Fans:
CAS provides it’s clients with a variety of fans, some being high powered, others possessing a lower power. The varying degrees of strength and speed ensures that all client’s needs are catered for.

Solar Water Heaters:
These alternative-energy products are very efficient and produce their own heat, which is generated from the sun. They can be easily installed and are becoming very popular as an alternative to electric water heaters.

Cassar Air-conditioning System Ltd’s Services

Cassar Air-conditioning Services Ltd Services

CAS also offers services to their customers, ranging from repairs, to the actual installation of the products themselves. These services are provided by experts who have been very well-trained and possess years and years of experience in their field.

A few services the company provides can be found below, in the following departments:

Technical Department:
The staff in this department offer clients assistance on all kinds of A/C units, as well as ventilation systems. All services provided are given by very well-trained staff.

Central Heating Department:
This department deals with the selling, installing and repair of heating systems within a home or business. The products and services provided are of the best-quality and the after-sales service is efficient and effective.

Commercial Services Department:
Maintenance Contracts can be made in this department. The company offers it’s client the maintenance of his machinery, annual or bi-annual. This maintenance is a preventative measure rather than a repair, as well as a 24/7 break-down service which is available all year round.

The Chigo Air-conditioning Group is a Chinese-based establishment, which was founded in 1994. It is one of the more prominent leaders in A/C unit Research, Design and manufacturing. It distributes it’s units both locally and internationally and the company also provides other A/C businesses with parts for their units.

Cassar Air-conditioning Systems Ltd Online

The company can be found their own website, which is linked below.

Cassar Air-conditioning Systems Ltd’s Website

Cassar Air-conditioning Services Ltd Website

By clicking on the image above, you will learn more about the company and the products it has on offer. You will also learn about the energy-saving range of products the company has.

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The company can be located right opposite to Lidl in St. Venera.

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