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About Woody Woodworks in Ta’l-Ibragg, Malta

David Abela, a carpenter by trade, has refined his craft over a period of many years. He has done so by taking part in woodwork projects and collaborating with other experienced carpenters on many an occasion.

Being experienced in the trade, he started up his own business, Woody Woodworks. Since it’s establishment 16 years ago, the business has been upgraded vastly in terms of tools and machinery and this has been done so as to provide his clients with exceptional products with a variety of “old and new” styles and designs.

David Abela works hard to provide his clients with his best possible work. He does so by taking pride in what he does, so much so that sometimes he can be a perfectionist to a fault. However, his perfectionism delivers some of the most exquisitely designed and well-built furniture on the Maltese Islands.

The company always ensures that it’s clients are happy by meeting delivery dates and offering excellent advice and services.


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At Woody Woodworks, one can find a vast range of Kitchens from classic, modern, rustic & contemporary. All kitchens are professionally designed according to one’s tastes, requirements and room dimensions.


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Woody Woodworks is known for their quality, functionality and design. The range of furniture design is very flexible and can be custom-made according to your room dimensions, style and requirements.

Loose Furniture

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Woody Woodworks also offer the service of manufacturing loose furniture to fill up that empty spot in your house or adding storage space. Their loose furniture will become a focal point wherever it is placed since detail and design are kept in mind when producing these original and made to measure sets.

Doors and Apertures

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Taking the time to refurbish your property raises its value and go a long way toward the preservation of your home. Wooden apertures compliment any type of building from large, old villas to modern studio flats.
A variety of door styles to choose from in various colours of wood. Woody Woodworks manufacture made-to-measure doors suitable for private residences and offices.

Parquet Flooring and Skirting

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A full range of parquet in various types of wood and matching skirting is available at Woody Woodworks. The staff is very professional, they can give you advice on colours, design and type of wood that can be used.

Stair Cases

7 staircases
At Woody Woodworks, Stair cases are also available in various types of wood. The staff can guide you which type of staircase is suitable and can help in your decision.

A consultancy service to complement David Abela’s Woodworks is also available and it is conducted with an architect who specializes in internal design. This ensures a professional service from start to finish.

Woody Woodworks Online

Woody Woodworks can be found on Facebook or it’s own website, which can be viewed below.

Woody Woodworks on Facebook

Woody Woodwork’s Website

By clicking on the image above, you can find more information about the carpentry service as well as images of the service’s previous works.

Near Woody Woodworks

Greens Supermarket and Green’s Grocer can be found in the same road as Woody Woodworks.


Contact Woody Woodworks in Ta’l-Ibragg, Malta

C: David Abela
T: 21495200
M: 99458346
E: woodywoodworks2@onvol.net
W: www.woodywoodworks2.com
A: Quarry No.10, Garage No4, Tal-Balal, tal-Ibragg
H: Mon-Fri 7.30am-18.30pm, Sat 7.30am-12.30pm

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