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Vical Interiors Ltd was established in 1994 by introducing innovative and trendy home decoration products to the market.

Right off the bat, the company offered functional and aesthetically pleasing interior solutions. These solutions are quick and easy to install as well as being great value for the reasonable money they cost.

The company believes in offering a large range of quality products that add both style and value to the customer’s properties while also respecting the needs of the environment around them. They also offer advice on both technical as well as design aspects on their products and this helps Do It Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts to install these products properly and safely.

A large variety of products means that most client’s needs will be catered for and their demands will be met. This is done by having knowledgeable staff who know all the in’s and out’s of the business and whoa re capable of leading clients in the right direction.


2 blinds
At Vical Interiors one can find Venetian, Vertical and roller blinds that offer total protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, also offering privacy and lighting control. These blinds give a modern look and appear stylish with a vast range of colours, fabrics and aluminum alloy. Any size is available to the customer’s requirements to suit for any application.

Curtain Poles

3curtain rails
Curtain Poles are available in metal and wood at Vical Interiors. They are ideal for decorating windows and doors, providing an elegant look to the entire room. Metal Curtain rods are available in various sizes and lengths with a variety of colours and styles to choose from. Wooden Curtain poles help add a natural character to the interiors with a variety of stains and sizes to choose from.

Extruded ceiling roses

4 Ceiling Roses 03
At Vical Interiors, Ceiling Roses come in Classical designs as well as Modern designs. They are easy to install and when combined with covings its provides a new interior arrangement.

Extruded mouldings

5 covings and dadorails
Extruded Styrene Mouldings & Dado Rails are made of high-quality polystyrene and they are easy to install on walls or ceilings. The ceiling mouldings provide new solutions to interior design and when combined with dadorails make a perfect proposal for classical, elegant interiors and also enhances an overall colour or design theme.


6 Flooring
Laminate and Vinyl floors will definitely change a room’s appearance, offering a realistic wood pattern. Available in a variety of styles and designs to fit any décor, these floors can be installed anywhere, over almost every surface as long as it is leveled properly. Flooring bought from Vical Interiors has its advantages such as being durable, easily maintained, stain and fade resistant.

Gypsum Ceiling Roses

7 gypsum ceiling-roses
Gypsum Ceiling Roses are a perfect blend of tradition and technology with classic elegance and old world charm reflected in a large array of distinctive motifs being the inspiration for designers, architects, craftsmen and homeowners. They are excellent in quality and of high strength made of lightweight materials. These products are highly resistant to water, fire, mildew and termites.

Gypsum Covings and Dado Rails

8 gypsum coving dado-002
With exquisitely detailed mouldings, whether it is elegantly contemporary or traditional in style, cornices from Vical Interiors live up to the grandest expectations. Gypsum Covings & Dadorails offers a stylish appearance with many designs to choose from. They excellent in quality, of high strength and made of lightweight materials. These products are highly resistant to water, fire, mould and insects. They are heat resistant and absorb sound. Dadorails used on walls, ceilings and door surrounds visually enhance a room’s sense of space by adding exquisite decorations that bring elegance and ambience to any décor. Dadorails with complementary corners bring a harmonizing design to all living spaces.

Gypsum Plasterboard Walls

9 Gypsum-Plaster-Walls-01
Gypsum board is one of several building materials. All gypsum panel products contain gypsum cores; however, they can be faced with a variety of different materials, including paper and fiberglass mats. It differs from other panel-type building products because of its noncombustible core and paper facers. A Gypsum Plasterboard creates a continuous surface suitable for most types of interior decoration. Gypsum Boards are easy to install, Fire resistant, sound proof.

PVC Folding Doors

10 folding doors
At Vical Interiors, one can find Folding Doors which are perfect space savers, especially where a normal door simply cannot fit in. Folding doors are available in different styles and colours that look good in any setting and can match the existing décor perfectly.

PVC Wall Panels

11 pvc wall panels
Wall Panels made of U-PVC are suitable for living areas and bathrooms, with easy to clean convenience and water / humidity resistance. They are applicable for damp walls thus provide comfort, style and hygienic environment without the need of any maintenance. PVC Wall Paneling is ideal for many interior applications like Bathrooms & Kitchens, the PVC Wall Panelings make an ideal choice for bathroom wall coverings due to their resistance to moisture and lamination. Panels provide a bright, easy to clean surface. Another room ideal for PVC Wall Panelings is the Bedroom. It can transform a tired and outdated bedroom into a relaxing and luxurious room, an economical way to make any room in your home bright, modern and contemporary. PVC Wall Panelings are innovative with decorative patterns such as marble, onyx, wood grain patterns and much more.

Skirting Boards

12 skirting
Skirting Boards have a clip-on system, ideal for schools, hospitals, shops, offices and any private residence. It is made of hi-performance PVC making it waterproof and humidity resistant and easy to clean. At Vical Interiors, PVC skirting is available with different designs and colours, making it easy to fit any style and purpose. It has the advantage of protecting wall bases, this stylish skirting board has a cable distribution system that spares you the trouble of hammering grooves in the walls and makes your interior more aesthetically pleasing.

Suspended Ceilings

13 false ceilings
At Vical Interiors, the staff can guide you for what kind of suspended ceilings you may need. Gypsum Flat Ceilings & Bulkheads are suitable for any kind of room with the advantage of being custom made to fit anyone’s requirements. The Gypsum Suspended Ceilings are suitable for every room, providing sound insulation and fire protection. Ceiling height is variable to accommodate services like air conditioning. These ceilings minimize noise and improve thermal insulation while complimenting with various decorative styles. PVC Ceiling Stripes are mostly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, available in various textures, wood grain effect and various shades. Easy DIY clip-on assembly made of durable material that is 100% moisture resistant and washable.

Vical Interiors Online

Vical Interiors can be found on both their own website and on Facebook. The sites are linked in the sections below.

Vical Interiors Website

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By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will find more information about their products, as well as more information about the company and what it does.

Vical Interiors on Facebook Latest Updates

Vical Interiors joined Facebook on 25th February 2010. Since then, it has gained the admiration of over 120 people and their page shows products supplied by the company itself.

Near Vical Interiors

The company is located just down the road from Bellizzi Photo Studio.

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C: Charles Xuereb
T: 27250773
T: 21250773
F: 21233885
M: 99499925
A: 84, Qormi Road, Hamrun
H: Mon-Sat 9.30-17.00

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