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About Seamless Solid Surfaces

Seamless Solid Surfaces has been established in the Maltese market since 2008; the brain child of Kenneth Mallia it has continually expanded starting with fabricating operations for the HANEX 100% Acrylic Solid Surfaces line which was later extended to include HANSTONE Quartz.

Backed by the 9th Largest Korean Corporation, Hanwha L&C group; Seamless is the official fabricator and distributor for Malta & Libya.

Seamless is also the distributor for Stainless Steel sink and Paini mixers.

Hanex Acrylic Surfaces

Hanex Acrylic Surface counter tops


If you are looking for a high quality surface for your home or business then you have probably already heard about HANEX a premium acrylic surface. It offers endless design possibilities which is one of the reasons it is used in a variety of places ranging from the domestic kitchens, hotels, retail outlets, healthcare, transport and many other applications.

HANEX solid surfacing is a premium acrylic surface which competes on both quality and value for money with all brands. With over 100 colours to choose from and a multitude of effects such as terrazzo, pearlescent and so much more including 3D shapes. Having the highest FR classification it can be used in all applications; a hygenic material that is resistant to moisture, pollutants and bacteria; easy to clean and maintain.

Hanex Acrylic Kitchen Surfaces

Kitchen Surfaces Malta


Highly durable and absolutely customizable HANEX surfaces are a great choice for any kitchen. It can be shaped and cut to fit perfectly and the design options are endless. Especially great for kitchens due to being resistant to heat, mould, pollutants and bacteria. If you are Eco-friendly you will be happy to hear that it is renewable, repairable and most importantly environmentally friendly. Private residential surfaces, kitchenettes, islands, peninsulas, kitchen tables and even kitchen boat surfaces.

Hanex Commercial Acrylic Surfaces

Commercial Acrylic Surfaces Malta


The durability and high level of quality makes HANEX acrylic surfaces great for all sorts of commercial uses ranging from night club bars to restrooms, hospitals, clinics. wall cladding, laboratories, offices schools and many other locations.


Hanex Restrooms Acrylic Seamless Surfaces

Hanex acrylic seamless restrooms bathrooms malta


Easy to clean, hygienic, bacteria resistant and maintains its colour and shape under all sorts of conditions. A wide range of colours and textures easy to care for and maintain coupled with a 10 year limited warranty means that Acrylic seamless surfaces are an amazing choice for any bathroom.

Hanex 100% Acrylic Sink and Bowls

Hanex sink and bowls


HANEX Acrylic surfaces are so resilient and durable that they make perfect sinks and bowls. No seams, easy to clean and maintain; elegant modern designs perfect for your kitchen or bathroom.


Hanstone Quartz Surfaces

Hanstone Quartz Bathroom tops Malta


Hanstone Quartz combines natural quartz with acrylic resins to create a durable stone surface that oozes luxury. Using a wide variety of quartz crystals sourced from all over the world Hanstone creates non-porous surfaces that don’t need sealing, are highly stain resitant, heat resistant and easy to maintain.

Hanstone Kitchens

Hanstone Kitchens


Abrasion resistant, high density, stain resistant, heat resistant, hygienic but more importantly absolutely beautiful, stunning and amazing.  A wide range of sizes is available to suit your living space.

Hanstone Commercial Surfaces

Hanstone Commercial Surfaces


From wall cladding to health centers, bars and many more locations across the Maltese Islands, HANSTONE Quartz is used as flooring, wall cladding, restaurant counters, table tops and so much more.

Hanstone Restrooms

Hanstone Bathroom Surfaces


Quartz acrylic surfaces make the perfect attractive finish to any restroom. There are a multitude of colors and textures, from the red Passion Rouge to the grainy Victorian Sands along with a wide variety of other colours and textures means you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to make your perfect bathroom.

Paini Taps & Mixers

Paini taps and mixers malta


It all started in North Milan, where Mario Piani and his brother started making taps in a workshop. The company is Italy’s largest tap and mixer manufacturer and it is with good reason that they do, the taps are produced to the highest possible specifications. The Maltese collection brings together traditional and modern styles to compliment any new kitchen or renovating of an old one.

Other residential applications | Hanstone & Hanex

Hanstone and Hanex residential tops Malta
Tables, Wall units & Coffee table Tops
Mini Bars Counters
BBQ Areas
Pool Areas
Desks & Study Areas
Window Seals
Wall Cladding

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