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About Ristorante La Vela | Italian Restaurant

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Ristorante La Vela is found by the Msida marina. It enjoys a beautiful view overlooking the sea as well as very experienced Sicilian chefs at the heart of the kitchen. The food tastes great and can range from fish to pasta, as well as other dishes. The staff are extremely friendly and the service they provide is of the highest standards.

Food Offered by Ristorante La Vela

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The dishes shown below are just some of the vast and varied menu which the restaurant provides it’s clients with.

Antipasto Misto di Pesce Cotto e Crudo: (A starter portion of Mixed Fish, some of which are raw and some cooked)
A platter with different kinds of fish, some of which are cooked and some which are edible raw.

Carpaccio di Gambero Rosso con Mandorle Filettate (Red Prawns with Almond Slivers)
Pan cooked red prawns topped off with almond slivers for added taste.

Zuppa di Pesce: (Fish Soup)
A mix of fish and other trade-secret ingredients make this soup a perfect blend of taste and consistency.

T-Bone Alla Griglia: (Grilled T-Bone Steak)
A classic piece of meat cooked in a Sicilian way. Can be eaten blue, rare, medium rare, medium, or well-done.

Events at Ristorante la Vela

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The restaurant is capable of hosting private lunches or private parties, so long as the minimum number of people attending is 25. These parties can be either held inside the restaurant itself and if weather permits, they can also be held outside with a gorgeous view of the sea.

Ristorante la Vela Online

The restaurant can be found on their own website as well as Facebook and Trip Advisor. The links can be found below.

Ristorante La Vela’s Website

Risorante Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to Ristorante la Vela’s website, where you can find more information about the company as well as pictures of their very fine food.

Ristorante La Vela on Facebook

The restaurant joined Facebook on the 3rd December 2012. Since then, they have gathered the admiration of over 1270 followers. Their page is full of pictures of people enjoying themselves, as well as the remarkable food they provide to their clients.

Ristorante La Vela on Trip Advisor


The restaurant is reviewed on this site and the reviews are all positive in terms of food and service.

Near Ristorante La Vela

BoV Msida is just across from the restaurant which is located inside a small park with ample parking spaces. Leaving Msida and driving in the direction of Valletta you will find that just across from BoV a little further up you can turn left.

Contact Ristorante La Vela

T: (+356)2123 0336
M: (+356)9926 9090, (+356)7930 4150
E: michmus68@gmail.com
A: Triq ix-Xatt, Pieta, PTA 9040

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