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About Pastizzeria Galea

Started in 1993, Pastizerria Galea aims to provide the very best quality pre-prepared Maltese cuisine, from delicious pastizzi to ravioli. All of these come in a variety of types and flavours to make sure all tastes are taken care of. Everything produced by Pastizzeria Galea is from traditional Maltese recipes using only the finest quality ingredients. All of the products are then packaged and stored according to the most stringent European health and safety guidelines to ensure both taste and quality.

With Pastizzeria Galea’s huge variety of products to choose from you also have different types of pastry, from puff pastry, short crust pastry, sweet pastry and pizza bases, every customer is sure to be impressed. With a long history of delivering high quality, they provide their goods to the largest outlets on the Island and most importantly have kept all of their ingredients and production local.

Pastizzi by Pastizzeria Galea

Of course being a pastizzeria means Pastizzeria Galea specialises in making some of the best that the Island has to offer. Practically the national snack of Malta, Pastizzeria Galea offers a number of flavours all made with the best quality ingredients and made with traditional Maltese recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Pastizzi with Peas

Pastizzeria Galea Pastizzi Peas

Pastizzi with Ricotta

Pastizzeria Galea Pastizzi Ricotta

Ravioli by Pastizzeria Galea

Pastizzeria Galea Ravioli
Enjoy Ravioli, a staple of Maltese cuisine from Pastizzeria Galea in a variety of classic delicious flavours such as ricotta, ricotta and spinach, and ricotta and parsley. All prepared beforehand so all you have to do is simply cook it and get a great sauce to pair it with.

Pies by Pastizzeria Galea

Enjoy the delicious pies on offer by Pastizzeria Galea, perfect for a quick meal or even a side snack. Filled with delicious, high quality ingredients and in a range of flavours and pastries, you are sure to love them.

Ricotta Pie

Pastizzeria Galea Ricotta Pie

Beef Pie

Pastizzeria Galea Beef Pie

Chicken Pie

Galea Pastizzeria Chicken Pie

Pizza Bases by Pastizzeria Galea

Pastizzeria Galea Pizza Base
Let Pastizzeria Galea handle the most time consuming part of making a fresh pizza with one of their pre-made pizza dough. Using only the finest ingredients and made by experienced chefs in different shapes, you can be assured that your pizza will come out with the perfect base while you focus on the perfect toppings.

Other Goods by Pastizzeria Galea

Pastizzeria Galea Sausage Rolls

Pastizzeria Galea also has a whole host of other goods such as delicious sausage rolls, qassatat and imqaret.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Contact Pastizzeria Galea

C: Stefan Busuttil
T: 21802203
H: Mon-Fri 7.00am-16.00pm
A: A19a Industrial Estate,, MRS3000 Marsa, Malta

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