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NK Woodworks has over 15 years of experience under their belt and have undertaken many projects and challenging requests. Their craftsmanship is one of the finest on the Maltese Islands and they always deliver, be it on deadlines or in terms of quality and service. With competitive pricing that will ensure your project stays within budget, NK Woodworks brings its expertise in a number of areas, including doors, apertures, kitchen, sleeping units and furniture for all areas, to you with the highest quality available on the island.

Products Offered by NK Woodworks

NK Woodworks is a versatile company, which can cater to many different woodwork-related requests asked of them by their clients. Their expertise covers all the areas of the house you may need, as well as commercial properties.

Doors by NK Woodworks

NK Doors

Through their work with different client requests, NK Woodworks have gained ample experience to be able to handle your specific wishes. Their doors are made from the highest quality materials and their craftsmanship is second to none. They offer their doors in a vast range of styles and also, a variety of different wood.

They manufacture a wide variety of doors, which can be suitable to both domestic households, as well as office and business buildings. They also provide their clients with exceptional levels of safety in their doors and can install these products within a reasonable amount of time, causing no excess disturbance to daily activities.

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Balconies by NK Woodworks

NK Balcony

The company restores, refurbishes and custom-makes parts of balconies, or whole balconies all-together. Their vast experience in woodwork has helped them achieve a level of craftsmanship which allows them to cater to very specific requests, especially when it comes to design cues for balconies. The company also offers bespoke manufacturing of the aforementioned balconies and can offer their clients a different take, on an otherwise common item.

The result of this manufacturing process can be aimed at either homes or even offices and each location’s parameters.

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Kitchens and Bedrooms by NK Woodworks

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NK Woodworks also builds and installs kitchens and bedrooms. Their hands-on approach ensures that you will get exactly what you are looking for, as well as innovative designs built out of excellent quality materials. With their expertise in woodwork and utilisation of only the finest materials, NK Woodworks will be able to make sure you have the house of your dreams.

The company designs and builds furniture for homes and offices alike, and builds bedrooms in a made-to-measure way, which means that they understand and respect the dimensions of the rooms they will be working with.

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Other Services

Apart from their well known domestic business, NK Woodworks also offers their services for any commercial or officer setting, bringing the same mixture of top quality and dependable delivery to their clients. For businesses timing can be essential, and so NK Woodworks strives to uphold its reputation of meeting client expectations and consistently over delivering, both in quality and in delivery.


NK Woodworks Online

NK Woodworks can be found both on their own website, as well as their Facebook page. Links to these sites can be found below.

NK Woodworks Website

NK Woodworks Website

By clicking on the image above, youc an find some more information about the company, as well as more information about the various products they offer their clients.

NK Woodworks on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 2nd October 2011 and have since then, gathered a following of over 950 people. Their page is full of images showing their varied products and styles, both modern and rustic.

Near NK Woodworks

The company can be found in the same road as both Bujinkan Malta and Emy’s Garage. It is situated mid-way between the two establishments.

Contact NK Woodworks

M: 79402368
E: info@nkwoodworks.com
FB: NK Woodworks
A: 7, Triq il-Ballut, Mosta Industrial Estate, Mosta

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