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With forty years of experience in the Granite and Marble Industry, Montebello Artworks is well-renowned for its quality in service, and marble, granite and quartz work. The know-how gained through a multitude of projects makes Montebello Artworks amongst the most experienced in Malta. The company has been commissioned to undertake work in public locations such as the Antonio Sciortino Memorial in Zebbug, the KOMR War Memorial in Floriana as well as various church altars located all over Malta and Gozo. Montebello Artworks expertly hand picks the best in raw materials, ensuring quality work for commercial and domestic projects, building strong client relationships in the process.


Materials – Granite, Marble & Quartz

Deciding on a surface material greatly depends on your needs and the environment that the material will be exposed to. Montebello Artworks offers three options: granite, marble and quartz. Below we’ll look further into the specifications of each and what makes one better than the other according to your needs.


Granite has gained widespread use due to its massive, hard and tough nature. It is an igneous rock that is at the least 20% quartz by volume which forms through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava. Granites are predominantly white, pink or grey in colour, depending on their mineralogy. Its strength makes it a durable stone, much more durable than marble for instance. Granite is more resistant to abrasions, staining and discolouration. Granite is hence perfect for areas of constant use, such as kitchen tops and floors, without compromising on class or style.


As a metamorphic rock, marble is composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly being calcite or dolomite. Due to its properties, marble is predominantly used in sculpture and as a building material. The characteristic swirls and veins of coloured marble are a result of various mineral impurities such as clay, silt and sand which were originally present as grains or layers in the limestone. It is different from granite in that marble is more porous, softer and less durable. Marble is a very versatile material and is most commonly used as a wall feature and in bathrooms. It is not suggested that marble is used as a kitchen counter top: its properties make it very susceptible to staining.



Quartz and resin make up Quartz engineered stone. It is most commonly used for kitchens, vanity tops and other indoor projects. Unlike marble or granite, quartz is factory-made. Compared to unsealed granite, quartz is regarded as being more resistant to stains, hence making it a more popular option for areas of constant use. Added to its strength, the availability of a wide range of colours also makes it a preferred option. Nonetheless, care must be taken if the material is to be exposed to direct sunlight: over time, UV rays from the sun can cause discolouration.

Marble, Granite & Quartz products available in Malta

Montebello Artworks delivers projects according to specific needs. From kitchen tops to staircases, vanity tops, facades, and pools, the company is there to meet your unique requirements. Their website contains detailed galleries on each.

Kitchen Tops

Your kitchen cannot be complete without a surface material that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Montebello Artworks will help you choose a material that fits your style and lifestyle. Quartz countertops are available in many colours and patterns and can withstand spills, heat, and scratches. Whilst providing timeless appeal, durability, and natural characteristics, granite is also available in many colours and patterns.


The power of staircases in any project design is often disregarded. In reality, staircases are a major architectural feature than can define and showcase personal style, as well as make any project more stunning. Adding unique materials to your staircase can transform any design.


A mix of surface materials and adding marble or granite to a feature wall adds uniqueness to your project. There is no limit to where creativity can lead.

Vanity Tops

Nothing beats a low maintenance vanity top that is also beautiful and complements the rest of the room. Montebello Artworks can help you choose the best material for your needs.

Antique Reproductions

Purchased an antique chest of drawers that’s missing its once glorious top? Montebello Artworks can help you reproduce this with great detail to its original and traditional features.


Uplift any façade with a made to measure feature, statement piece or increase its durability with tougher material. Be it windowsills, entrance steps or specific features, Montebello Artworks is sure to deliver.


Montebello Artworks has the tools and skills available to help you achieve the furniture designs of your dreams.


A one of a kind floor presents a statement anywhere. Montebello Artworks will help you select the most durable material in line with the environment that it will be exposed to. Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, a marble or granite floor increases the value of your property.

Pool coping

Pools have become an integral part of our Maltese lifestyle. Long summer days and sunny weather all year round make pools a sound investment in balancing work and life. Montebello Artworks has worked on various projects providing pool coping and more that serves the test of time and nature.

Public Monuments

As highlighted above, Montebello Artworks has been commissioned to undertake work in public locations such as the Antonio Sciortino Memorial in Zebbug, the KOMR War Memorial in Floriana as well as various church altars located all over Malta and Gozo.


A memorial is a symbol of commemoration of memories or events. Montebello Artworks offers gravestones and memorial plaques according to client’s wishes.


Helping you remember your dear ones in the most fitting way is a priority for Montebello Artworks. Tombstones are crafted to withstand the course of time and nature, providing an animate symbol of memory.

Marble, Granite and Quartz services

Montebello Artworks offers diverse services related to marble, granite and quartz works. These include: cutting services, on location inscriptions, and restoration.

Cutting Service

Montebello Artworks has the tools necessary to provide general cutting services of supplied ceramic tiles, granite and marble.

Inscriptions on Location

Inscriptions can be carried out on existing headstone monuments on location. There is thus no need to incur extra costs in transporting monuments or parts thereof to a workshop.


Restoration of old monuments, memorial plaques and antiques tops is also possible.

Montebello Artworks Online

Montebello Artworks can be found online at Their website contains numerous photos of projects undertaken as well as a selection of colours available in marble, granite and quartz. Montebello Artworks is also active on Facebook.

Montebello Artworks’ Website

You may click the image above to visit Montebello Artworks’ website. On their website you will find a comprehensive gallery with their selection of marble, granite and quartz styles and colours as well as photos of projects undertaken by Montebello Artworks in both commercial and domestic settings. You will also find all the pertinent contact details.

Montebello Artworks on Facebook

Near Montebello Artworks

Montebello Artworks is situated in the vicinity of the Addolorata Cemetery.

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T: 21677987
M: 99826686
A: 216, Maleth, Triq il-Foss, Paola

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