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About K Xuereb Iron Works

Previously known as Kikku Ironworks, K Xuereb Iron Works’ expertise has been built up through more than fifty years of experience in the custom-made metal work industry. Knowledge of these skills has been passed from one generation to the next, ensuring only the best results for their clients.

K Xuereb Ironworks’ projects vary from traditional iron work, to modern and contemporary styles. Their priority is to deliver products that are of a high quality, by using only the best in techniques for wrought iron, and ornamental and decorative iron works. Every piece that K Xuereb delivers is a work of art: each project is undertaken with utmost dedication, with customer satisfaction being their main focus.

Iron Works in Malta

Iron work techniques have changed through the years. K Xuereb Ironworks have succeeded in adapting these techniques to address their clients’ needs. The company is now proud to take on projects that are both traditional and modern in nature. Traditionally, iron works are perfectly suited for buildings such as farmhouses, town-houses and rustic villas, as well as other buildings requiring typical balconies, windows, gates and stair-case banisters. K Xuereb Ironworks’ gained skills also mean that they can reach excellent standards in producing modern and contemporary designs, offering various samples and ideas that clients can proceed to choose, adapt and personalise.

Iron Works Products and Services in Malta

K Xuereb Iron Works continue to lead the way in quality, service and price producing modern to rustic custom-made designs for stairs, structures, handrails, landings, balconies, terraced railings, gates and iron doors.


K Xuereb Ironworks has the skills, experience and tools to meet the specifications of every job. They know what it takes to build stairs that last. Many modern houses today feature iron staircases, a landmark feature in any home. Metal provides a strong sturdy staircase whose stability you can count on. It’s versatility also makes it a more preferred option over concrete or wood: spiral or curved staircases are easier to achieve.


Wrought iron has been used in countless structures in Malta and around the world. Craftsmen choose this material for its strength, durability and aesthetic appeal.

Handrails and Landings

Safety comes first, be it at home or in commercial buildings. K Xuereb Ironworks offer handrails crafted to custom specifications, ensuring the best safety and support for use.

Balconies and terraced railings

Balconies and terraced railings can make or break the design of any façade. From traditional Maltese wrought iron balconies, to more modern and contemporary balcony designs and terraced railings, K Xuereb Ironworks delivers a piece of art that is safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing each and every time.

Gates and Iron doors

As with balconies and outdoor railings, gates and doors are an integral feature of any home or building. Wrought iron gates and doors can be crafted according to specific size and design. Iron gates are perfect for the driveway, garden, entrance or as a fencing option. Their versatility in design and durability makes them ideal for any project.

K Xuereb Ironworks Online

K Xuereb Ironworks is not highly active online. It is recommended that you contact this business directly for more information and a quote, by using their telephone number or visiting them at their outlet.

Near K Xuereb Ironworks

K Xuereb Ironworks is situated very close to Oxford House, Mriehel.

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Find K Xuereb Ironworks, suppliers of high quality custom made iron works, in Mriehel on the map

T: 21480900

M: 99507433

E: kxuerebk@gmail.com

A: 43, Triq l-Inginerija, Zona Industrijali, Mriehel, B’Kara

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