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Auto Electrician in Zejtun, Malta

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About Joseph Abela – Auto Electrician in Zejtun, Malta

Joseph Abela (Tal-Laċċa) Auto Electrician is an Importer and Distributor of Auto-electrical parts and accessories. 30 years experience in the auto-electrical field. Specializes mostly in starter and alternator units repairs and installation of new alternators and starters.

Today Joseph Abela (Tal-Laċċa) Auto Electrician is established in this field, imports Auto and Commercial vehicles electrical parts from all over the globe and distributes both on wholesale and retail bases in Malta and Gozo.

Alternator & Starter Components at Joseph Abela – Auto Electrician

2 joseph abela Alternator Starter
Alternator Components

Starter Motor Components
-Brush Sets
-Bushing -Coils

Batteries & Ignition at Joseph Abela tal-Lacca Auto Electrician

3 battery and terminals
Batteries (Bosch)
-Battery Terminals/ Flynuts
-Battery Lugs-Cables
-Terminals and Connectors
-All kind of Fuses and Fuse Holders
-Glow Plugs (Bosch)

-Electric Ignition Coils
-Ignition Modules
-Pick-up coils for distributor

Lighting and Relays at Joseph Abela Auto Electrician

4 lighting and relays
Vast range of lighting
-Rotating Beacon Lights
-Halogen Bulbs

-Flasher units for cars and comm. vehicles
-Timing Devices
-Glow Plug Relays

Switches, Sensors and Other Electrical Parts at Joseph Abela Auto Electrician

5 Lighting and wipers
Switches and Sensors
-Brake Lights
-Reverse Lights
-Oil Pressure
-Fan Switches
-Oxygen Sensors
-All types of switches including electric window
-Ignition switches (Valeo)

Other Electrical Parts and accessories
-Audio equipment (speakers, antennas)
-Fuel injection pumps
-Wiper and wiper motors
-Horns (including also air horns)
-Radiator fans
-Voltage Converters
-Air Flow Meters
-Window Winders


Contact Joseph Abela – Auto Electrician in Zejtun, Malta

C: Joseph Abela
T: +356 21695425 / +356  27695425
M: +356 99493617 / +356 77493617
A: Joseph Abela (tal-Laċċa) Auto Electrician, Joerit, Triq il-Labour, Zejtun, ZTN2408, Malta
H: Mon-Fri 8.00am-17.00pm, Sat 8.00am-12.00pm

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