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About Duke’s Snack Bar

Duke’s Snack Bar was established in 1960 and has since then been passed on and managed by 3 generations. The bar has been referbished several times, but we made sure that it still kept it’s traditional look and menu, which are familiar with a number of generations of clients.

It has always been a tradition to serve the client in the best way possible, and what better way is there than serving a vast menu with numerous fresh ingredients prepared daily. This allows the client to prepare their own custom meal, by choosing from the ingredients displayed in the counter.

Group orders are also available, including weekends and public holidays. For group orders, one must simply call Duke’s on 21222371/99476305 at least a day before the order and have a minimum order of 10 people.

Jason, Tania and the staff at Duke’s Snack Bar do their utmost to serve clients with the best quality food and a service with a smile.


Duke’s Menu



Dukes Snack Bar Bread
Duke’s Snack Bar has a range of fresh bread for their customers to enjoy their food with in different styles, from standard European styles to traditional Maltese.

Dukes Maltese Platter
Why not enjoy a delicious platter of traditional Maltese sides, breads and dips to get a taste of all the fresh rustic flavours Malta has to offer.


Dukes Malta Chicken Salad
If you are looking for a lighter alternative to a meal, why not enjoy a freshly prepared grilled chicken salad with freshly chopped vegetables and cheese?

Dukes Tuna Egg Salad
There is also a delicious tuna and egg salad available for those who prefer it, with a more Mediterranean flavour to it.


Dukes Salami and Toast
Duke’s Snack Bar also offers a range of sandwiches. Another great lunch item instead of the heavier burger. Their toasties are perfect for kids and adults alike.

Duke's Baguette
For those looking for a more substantial sandwich, Duke offers multiple baguette offerings as well, with fresh bread and a range of tasty fillings such as Wudy, cheese and egg, this makes a great food choice.

Duke's Ftira
Why not opt for a traditional Maltese sandwich made with fresh tasty ftira filled with traditional Maltese sausage and gbejna. An excellent option for locals and those who enjoy Mediterranean food.

Dukes Lettuce Wrap
Duke’s also offers a unique lettuce wrap, perfect for those dieting, or looking for something not as bloating as a traditional wrap. Here you will find all the delicious fillings of a wrap in a much lighter, healthier and unique package.

Burgers and Hot Dogs

Duke's Double Burger Meal
With Duke’s you wont feel like you were ripped off when you order one of their burgers. With a grilled beef patty, fresh chopped tomatoes and onions and sauce, you will be sure to be left full and happy. Available as a double burger, chicken fillet and a full meal with fries.

Duke's Breakfast in Bread
For those who are famished or are tired of the usual English Breakfast, Duke’s has their unique creation of the breakfast in bread! Packed with as much food as the bread can handle, this delicious creation is sure to fill up anyone who buys it.

Duke's Hot Dogs
Delicious freshly grilled hot dogs are also availiable in a fresh, soft bun and all the toppings you could want.

Dukes’s Snack Bar is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm

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Contact Duke’s Snack Bar – in Msida

C: Jason Carabott
T: 21 222 371
M: 9947 6305
E: dukessnackbar@gmail.com
A: 49, Bordin Street, Msida, Malta
H: Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00

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