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About Contact Paper

Contact paper is a self adhesive paper that fulfils a whole range of needs. Brought to you by A.S. Supplies who, for 30 years have bringing the highest quality building innovation products including solar solution and signage. Focusing on quality and prompt delivery they have amassed a loyal customer base. The contact paper can serve a diverse range of purposes, for example instead of refurnishing a room in wood why not simply use the realistic wood panelling contact paper for a fraction of the cost? Other papers serve practical purposes such as noise absorption.

Types of Contact Paper


As suppliers velour

  • Robust
  • Reduces impacts and noise


As supplies metal


  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to scratches


AS Supplies Wood


  • Wide choice of different styles
  • High quality designs


AS Supplies Tiles


AS Supplies Special


  • Green board (instead of traditional black board) including chalk
  • Vintage copper

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