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About Casa Completa

About Casa Completa
Casa Completa started as a family business in 1993. Started, and still run by Sebastian Duca, Casa Completa started with the mission to provide high quality waterproofing of roofs and foundations of factories, houses and villas. Importing their top quality material from Italy, the business quickly grew and the following year Mr. Duca decided to expand his business into a new area: Bathrooms. This also coincided with changing the family business name to its current name; Casa Completa, and opening their large and current showroom in Attard.

Since then Casa Completa has expanded into a conglomerate of businesses that strive to improve properties and provide solutions to all of their clients. In all areas of their work, Casa Completa has the same mission: To provide their clients with high quality products at a surprisingly affordable prices, their motto is everyone should have access to high quality furnishings. Today Casa Completa works in waterproofing, bathrooms and turnkey solutions. Casa Completa With a team of accomplished designers and professional associates ready to answer all of your questions and help you create your dream property. Today Casa Completa has also expanded into the wellness area with product ranges such as spas, power pools and computerized shower cabins.

Casa Completa Services

Casa Completa Services


Casa Completa has built a reputation for their high quality bathrooms and helpful staff. Whether you want one piece or an entire re-done bathroom, Casa Completa can help you. They strive to import the most dazzling designs and really wow their customers with their affordable pricing. This of course follows their mission of believing that everyone deserves access to high quality. You can view all of their different styles is their impressive showroom in Attard, located just opposite Mount Carmel Hospital.


The original business that started it all – starting as SP Waterproofing in 1993 out of a warehouse, the business has grown by leaps and bounds. They still bring their original dedication to helping their clients with efficient and affordable solutions of the highest quality. Now with more than 20 years of experience and a full team of qualified professionals, there is no doubt that Casa Completa continues to achieve this at the highest levels. Whether you need waterproofing for your house, or for your large commercial property, they can help.

Turnkey Solutions

Casa Completa Turnkey Solutions is the arm of Casa Completa dedicated to maintenence of any property, big or small, private or commercial. Using their team of highly qualified professional contractors and years of experience, their Turnkey Solution’s staff aim to make their client’s lives much easier by doing all neccesary repairs in the fastest amount of time, with minimal hassle at a very attractive price point. They will go out of their way to work around their client’s specific needs and have services that include plumbing, bathroom design and installation, tiling, plastering, renovations, brickwork, electric, landscaping and flooring and much more. If you need services for your property, the chances are that Casa Completa can do them.

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Casa Completa Website

Casa Completa Website

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A: Casa Completa Sales Office, Mdina Road, Attard
T: 21 414 933

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