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About Camilleri Funeral Directors International

Since 1890 with a wealth of experience, Camilleri Funeral Directors International is one of the most trusted names in funeral services on the island. Building a reputation for professionalism and discretion during these emotional times, Camilleri Funeral Directors International is also proud to be the only company in Malta that provides international repatriation and cremation.

Funeral Services

Funeral Services

Traditional Funeral Services

Camilleri Funeral Directors

With over a century of experience Camilleri Funeral Directors International are experts in the local traditions of funerals. Their directors will make sure to arrange everything for you, from preparation of the body, transport the church, flowers to the burial at the cemetery.

Choice of Caskets


Camilleri Funeral Directors International has a wide and all encompassing range of caskets to match all tastes and budgets. We have a variety of finishes from walnut, oak to mahogany veneer. All of their caskets are crafted from the best quality woods to the highest degree of quality and are guaranteed to make you happy with your choice.

Embalming and Preparation

Camilleri Funeral Directors employs experts in the field of embalming who will go out of their way to take care of your dearly departed. They are all educated in the highest health regulations and are sure to take extra care. For all overseas transportations, their experts are also educated in all international rules and regulations as well.

Funeral Cars and Options

Elegant Hearse

To ensure a proper send of for the beloved, Camilleri Funeral Directors International have a fleet of the most elegant black Mercedes hearses as well as other elegant cars for the procession to avoid the unnecessary hassle of driving and parking.


Funeral Repatriation
There is no other funeral director in Malta that specialises in international repatriation and transportation of loved ones. Thanks to their wide international network of reputable funeral service companies and expertise in the field of over a century, they can ensure the safest, shortest possible amount of time for transport and can guarentee your peace of mind as the body is transported with the utmost care. It is for these reasons that Camilleri Funeral Directors International has been trusted to handle these matters by embassy and high commissions in Malta.

Burial at Sea

Burial At Sea
Long favoured by the navy and sailors, burials at sea are becoming increasingly popular in Malta. Thanks to Malta’s lush weather and picturesque seas, the option of a sea burial has become more and more attractive, especially to those who do not possess private plots of land or who otherwise may not want to be buried in a cemetery. Coupled with the lack of a crematorium on the island of Malta, more people have decided to use this time honoured tradition and with our experience Camilleri Funeral Directors International are on deck to ensure the entire process from boat charters to refreshments, goes along smoothly and adheres to all local regulation.


Funeral Cremation
Cremation has long been seen as a ‘cleaner’ alternative to the traditional cemetery burial, as well as many people taking comfort in the sentimental value of having a loved one close by. While Malta does not have its own crematorium, Camilleri Funeral Directors International have many trusted cremation specialists across Europe to ensure the highest care is taken and that the urn is returned to you with no hassle, all while working out to be cheaper than a full burial plot. Their expert directors will handle all health and safety regulation both in Malta and internationally to ensure there are no unforeseen issues if you decide to use cremation.

Planning Ahead

Funeral Flowers
Camilleri Funeral Directors International also offers a fully pre-planned service for ones funeral, burial at sea or cremation where their directors will run through each and every part of the service to create a perfect bespoke package for you. They understand that sometimes you may not have any loved ones in Malta or you are worried about leaving behind an organisational burden and will ensure that the procession will go without issue. They also offer the ability to prepay for the service if one wants to ensure they do not leave any financial burden either.

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A:100-102 Manoel De Vilhena Street, Gzira, GZR1017
T: 2133 8471
M: 9949 3185

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