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With 15 years experience Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Limited, supplies and assembles projects relating to high quality cold rooms, insulating panels, aluminium frames, refrigeration doors, PVC structures as well as supplying refrigeration supplies in general.
Whatever the dimension and project size, we offer professional consultancy. Once the customer agrees to our suggestions, at his request, we will provide a detailed design defining the characteristics of the cold storage room or cold storage complex. After liaising with the customer, our service starts by giving professional advice without obligation along with a quotation set on the agreed parameters on the custom-made project.
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The construction and installation of cold rooms are designed, supplied, assembled and maintained by our experienced and qualified technical personnel. Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Limited represent the quality solution for the realization of large industrial warehouses, processing rooms of foodstuffs, blast chillers, cold rooms for controlled atmosphere with local and/or remote control. This is ideal for all those who need a local control and maintaining the temperature. For example in the cases of storage of chemicals and distribution centres.
Cold room panels are made from Polyurethane sandwich type, male & female, with and without locks. It can be easily disassembled, modified and extended without causing any damage to the existing panels. Furthermore, cold rooms can be integrated with doors, window frames and accessories which make the construction of the cold room extremely customisable. Cold room doors are available in manual hinged, sliding or motorized sliding. Sliding doors come in different customised sizes. Panels can also be requested with various colour options adequate for offices, hospitals and laboratories. All panels are EU certified and made with fire proof material.

Refrigeration Supplies and systems in Malta


Refrigeration units have the versatility of being produced as refrigeration centrals, split units and mono-block type.
The Refrigeration Systems incorporate the latest compressor technology and latest electronic expansion valves, resulting in higher efficiency thus reducing consumption by 35-50% from traditional systems.
Our units are suitable for outdoor installation with no further protection required. They are also compact, tropical & versatile. Each unit can be equipped with hermetic or semi-hermetic compressors and the casing allows low sound emissions. The built-in electrical panel is pre-wired, tested and contains a terminal for setting and reading the parameters for the system operation, programming and diagnostics.
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Refrigeration systems can be linked together via networking and internet for detailed monitoring. Such monitoring consists of fault finding and diagnostics. This monitoring system gives the user remote interaction with the refrigeration systems by giving him the capabilities to adjust and modify various criteria to repair or avoid major break downs.


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Truck Boxes. Refrigerated Cargo Boxes are manufactured according to specific customer requirements, on made to measure basis completed with side and/or rear door openings. These Cargo Boxes can handle Fish, Meat, Poultry, Pharmaceutical Products, Dairy Products and Frozen or Chilled items. We can also supply cargo boxes with movable partitions, where temperatures can be adjusted according to the required temperature carried between partitions.Truck Refrigeration.
As regards refrigeration equipment, we are able to supply these cargo boxes with high quality cooling units with range of products for Transport Refrigeration of any kind of volume. We supply a complete range of units for various sizes of distribution vehicles. Models include battery drive, engine driven and direct diesel units.Truck and Van Tail Lifts. Tail Lifts are supplied with various platform dimensions. All units can be powered by 24 Volts or 12 Volts drive motors. Tail Lifts can have either Hand or Foot Controls, being Cantilever and Retractable. Capacities vary according to clients requirements.

Refrigerated Display Counters and Industrial Shelving, Malta


We supply a vast range of models with different sizes available suitable for supermarkets and mini markets, cafeterias, retail and catering outlets.
The equipment is made with very high quality material with energy efficient refrigeration units. These display counters are suitable for chilled or deep freeze products.
These display counters can be controlled through IT support and Internet making it possible to remote monitor the refrigeration units, by adjusting and modifying various criteria to control and avoid major break downs. Display counters and units can be ordered as plug-in or controlled by a centralized refrigeration system.


We also supply all types of pallet racking systems such as drive in racking, mobile racking, etc. The racking system is projected and designed to meet specific customer requirements and also dimensions and thickness of the racking can be custom made. Frames are of a bolted construction and the shelving weight varies from 7.5 to 15 tons. The frames are made from prime quality, certified, high tensile hot dipped galvanized steel, therefore ensuring a high level of strength.
We also provide a wide range of column guards. Column guards or rack protectors are commonly used to protect the pallet racking uprights which can be damaged by fork lifters. We offer protection to standard rack uprights using a variety of different column guards.
We are living in a world where the global economic situation has left us with no option but not to leave no stone unturned to find ways and means to save energy.
Working hand in hand with our clients has contributed to the creation of new or refurbished refrigeration projects, sustainable to the current economic trend. Keeping this in mind, our company has thrived during the past few years, where highly esteemed and renowned national organisations have entrusted us to import, install and service the relevant projects.
It is our honest and sincere wish that you entrust us with your next project. It is our aim to help you achieve your desired objective, that of having an efficient and modern plant or project. It is our aim to seeing your business grow.
Specializes in Consultancy / Design/ Supply/ Assembly / Maintenance
of Industrial & Commercial Cold Rooms, Refrigeration Units & Centrals, Supermarket Display
Counters, Truck Refrigeration, Iron Structure & Industrial Shelving.

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