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About Andrew Vassallo General Trading Ltd

The business started in 1986 in Qormi, in a small workshop in a residential garage. The main emphasis back then, was with the production of steel works, such as steel doors, security grills, trolleys etc. In 1998 the company realized there is a potential demand from clients and they decided to move into a larger area in St. Lucia. In the meantime they also started to import materials for those in the construction business.

1999 , the company operated under the name of Andrew Vassallo Aluminum for manufacturer products and the V&C cast iron products under the name of Steel fabrication Works till around 2005. After 2005 the company started operating under the name of Andrew Vassallo General Trading Aluminum and Steel Works. It was under this company name, that they started manufacturing, importing and exporting.

In 2010 the company started working under Andrew Vassallo General Trading Limited. This name is still used till today and the company still supplies good quality products and services to it’s customers.

Manufactured Steel and Aluminium Products

The market demand and the demand from their clients made the company add steel production to their repertoire. Also, the production of aluminium work was introduced because of it’s versatility, popularity and demand. The company had to change their premises to a larger workshop. This meant that the company had a chance to expand and increase it’s market’s range, while also importing steel-goods from other countries.

Some of their products are as follows:


a air vents
Air-vents designed to increase air-flow within a room. Helps with circulation and reduces stale air.


b construction building products
High-grade products used in the construction of buildings.


c core bits
Driller bits, used for drilling holes. These are also available with a diamond tip, to help drill through tough materials. These drill-bits are also robust and long-lasting. Cutting discs and lasers are also available.


d Doors
Various sytles and colors of doors are available, each with their own particular function. Safety doors, fire doors and steel doors are all available.


e Glass
Various glass panels and holding points are available for all your needs, as well as glass accessories. These accessories range from specialized glass-safe handles, to glass fitting railings.


f gratings
The grates come in various sizes and types, each having a different use. They also vary in material, ranging from cast iron to modern PVC (plastic) gratings.


g floor drains
The company also offers a wide range of gullies and floor drains. These can be inserted into the floor, both inside and outside your house. The high quality of the metal and PVC products means that they are durable and can withstand wear and tear. The drains also come with filters and rubber washers.


h gutters
These gutters are available in both plastic and metal. They are also specific in their uses. Some are industrial and therefore more resistant to constant wear and tear, while others are more adapted to domestic living and it’s exigencies.


i manhole covers
These manhole covers are used to close off holes leading to sewage systems, with the possibility of re-opening them if desired. They range from simple cast iron, all the way to modern PVC.

Services Provided by Andrew Vassallo General Trading Ltd

The company also undertakes certain projects at a client’s request and provide them with the following services:


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C: Andrew Vassallo
T: 21692917
M: 79494438
A: Andrew Vassallo General Trading, Tarxien Road, Gudja
H: Mon-Fri 7.00-19.00 / Sat 7.00-12.00

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