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Brita Water Filters is distributed through WorldWide Co. Ltd. The name BRITA has become synonymous with water quality. Expertise, know-how and above all passion and enthusiasm have made our family firm the world market leader for domestic water filters. In over 70 countries worldwide people trust and enjoy the benefits of BRITA filtered water.

Every day you are faced with new challenges in your work. From now on, you needn‘t worry about water quality.

A few of the water filters provided by WorldWide Co. Ltd.

– PURITY C1000 AC filters unwanted tastes and odours, as well as impurities resulting from installation, out of the water. It was developed specifically for vending systems, plumbed in water dispensers and coffee machines.

– AquaVend Cool filter cartridge – Ensures the safe elimination of all unpleasant tastes and odours, guaranteeing reliable retention of particles. It therefore provides optimal protection for your machine.

– The PURITY Quell ST with 3 different filter sizes ensures the reliable removal of limescale-forming substances, as well as unwanted odour and tastes, so offering optimal product quality and long machine running times. The ideal solution for everyone hoping to satisfy even the most demanding quality requirements. Keeping machines running effectively and without breakdown, and customers coming back time and time again!

– BRITA‘s PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges have been specially developed for use in the catering, vending and coffee sector to reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, thus avoiding scale deposits in the upstream appliance. The PURITY filter removes heavy metal ions such as lead and copper. Whilst also reducing cloudiness, organic impurities and chlorine that impair the quality and taste of the filtrate including the by-pass water.

Quality Assurance Every Time! That is safety for you – signed and sealed!

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C: Chris Pace
T: 21497706 / 21447904
E: chris@worldwide.com.mt
W: www.worldwide.com.mt
A: World Wide Co. Ltd., Valletta Road, Qormi

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