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Beauty Inc specialises in nail treatments, offering services of gel nails, manicures and pedicures.

A career in Nail Technology can be a rewarding and fruitful one. Your education is key to your success and will be an ongoing commitment to ensure you are always up to date with the latest techniques, products and styles.

The list of  nail courses provided by Beauty Inc include

Gel nails beginner Courses

Option 1 Gel Nails beginner course

This is a 2 Full Day Course which covers 1 day of theory and 1 day of practice. It is designed for those students who are not 100% sure this is the career path for them and gives a basic introduction at minimal cost. Products and notes are provided for this course and are included in the price.

Price: 200 euro

Option 2 Gel Nails beginner course

This course is held over 3 full days and covers 1 day of theory and 2 days of practice. It is designed for those students who want to take up Nail Technology as a profession and teaches how to carry out a full set, infills, colour finish and french finish. The student practices alone for 6 weeks and then sits for an exam. An LCN certificate is awarded on passing the exam. The price includes notes and products and a full kit can be purchased if desired.

Price: 300 euro

Option 3 Gel Nails beginner course

This is a Professional Introduction to Gel Nails.

  • You will learn all about nail anatomy and technology; health & safety; basic gel application and french finish.
  • At the end of this course you will know how to do a full set of nails, a basic fill and a French fill.
  • You will be required to do research at home, hand in a project and have a practicle exam.
  • An LCN international certificate will be awarded on completion.

The cost of this class is €250 and you will need to purchase a basic kit which costs €250. This kit includes a four bulb gel curing light unit, all the necessary tools and hygiene products; a full gel system with all the necessary brushes, tips and tools. Most of the kit will be used throughout your career and you will be provided with enough product to complete approximately 20 full sets.

The class takes place over six half days. For the following six weeks you will practice at home or with me, at your convenience, after which you will sit for your practicle exam and hand in your project.

Help is given to those have difficulty in reading and writing, and classes are held in English and Maltese. ETC offer various schemes for students and in some cases, up to 80% of the training fee may be refunded. Ask ETC for further info.

Payment terms :- a deposit of €100 is required to secure your place on the course. This deposit is not refundable but is deducted from the total cost of the course. Payment terms may be arranged, for this, just chat to Sue.

Price: 500 euro

Nails Advanced Classes

This class takes you to professional level.

You will learn how to do

  • repairs,
  • sculptured nails,
  • problematic nails
  • the camouflage technique

We will also go through basic business tools to help you start and build your business.
This class costs €150 and takes 1 full day. An Advanced LCN International Certificate is awarded on completion.

Basic Nail Art Course

This class teaches you the very basic techniques of nail art.

You will learn how to do

  • Embedded nail art
  • Marbeling
  • Basic 3D art
  • Use of acrylic paints
  • Use of nail polish
  • Aquarium effect

This class costs €100; includes a set of nail art brushes and some basic nail art items and takes 1 full day.

 Fantasy Nail Art Course

This class opens your eyes to a fantastic world of colour, technique and imagination. We will use different mediums, and create nails that your clients will marvel at.

If you enjoy nail art, this class is a must for you!

The class costs €100 and lasts 1 full day.

Master Class Nails Course

This class takes you to the top of your game.

You will learn how to

  • Use gel and acrylic together
  • Perfect your shaping and smile lines
  • In depth understanding of why lifting occurs and how to stop it from happening
  • All your questions and worries answered.
  • How to train your junior tech

This class costs €300 and lasts two days. It is the first step to becoming a trainer and will give you the skills to compete overseas. You will be able to carry out fantastic salon nails, train your staff and learn more about your products.

Conversion Class – LCN Nails

This is for techs who have trained on a product and wish to change to LCN. It is free when purchasing an LCN gel system and lasts one day.

You will learn

  • Why LCN is second to none
  • How and why we look after the natural nail
  • What gel to use on each kind of nail you encounter
  • Why LCN and Beauty Inc are the best business partners for you.

Any tech interested in changing to the LCN system must undergo this class.

VTCT Examinations – Nail Technicians

These exams are for those students who want to be recognized on an international level and want to be compliant with EU regulations. They are the equivalent to an AO level and are necessary for those who want to be full time, professional nail technicians. The cost is 230euro which covers three exams.

For further information on VTCT, please talk to me.

Beauty Inc also do courses on Gel on Toes, Manicures and Pedicures.

I look forward to meeting you and taking you on a fantastic journey through my colourful and interesting world of nails.

Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call me.

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C: Sue Caruana
M: 99442860
A: Maytime, Triq Is-Sajjieda, The Gardens,  St Julians.

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