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Bajada New Energy About

Bajada International Solar Systems Ltd, came to life in 1989. They started by importing the “Edwards” brand of solar water heaters. Eventually the company expanded its operations to other forms of renewable energy solutions. These ranged from solar panels to a vast array of wind turbines. The company is nowadays known as Bajada New Energy Ltd. Bajada New Energy has, to-date, installed over 4 Mega Watts in solar panel systems and over 12,000 Solar water heaters. Their team consists of over 50 full- and part-time employees. These employees are qualified professionals and have roots in relevant fields, connected to this particular job.

Bajada New Energy’s solar products and Services

The company has brought about solar solutions to the maltese islands by means of solar panels. The brands they import are none other than:

  • ET solar panels
  • Panasonic polar panels (solar panels)

These brands are world famous and are of the highest quality and some brands in particular (Panasonic solar panels) have sold more than 3,2 million modules in Europe alone , as of November 2013.

Their solar solutions extend to solar water heaters, by means of the renowned brand

  • Novotherm

Bajada’s Solar Panels

Bajada New Energy solar panels

SANYO, a prominent electronics company, had started off by researching and developing commercial electronics for clients all over the globe. It also researched and developed solar panels and had come up with the development of amorphous silicon solar cells in 1975. Panasonic’s solar panels are based on that same research and have since then, been improved drastically. Their solar panel modules are designed to last for well over 10 years. SANYO became a subsidiary company of Panasonic in 2011 and adopted the Panasonic brand name in 2012.

Both Panasonic and ET Solar are reliable and well-established brands. They are made from modern materials and because of this, are more efficient and more durable. The materials in the solar panels consist of smaller, cheaper crystals when compared to the larger and less flexible silicone crystals used in past models. The new solar panels are more efficient and cost-effective.

Solar panels work by converting the sun’s radiation energy and transforming it into electric energy. This occurs by means of solar cells. Normally, solar cells consist of the semiconductor silicon, which is very suitable for the manufacture of solar cells because of it’s readily available, is quite cheap, and is easily transformed into the desired shape. Semiconductors are substances that conduct electricity when they are exposed to light or heat. Solar cells are basically structured into two layers. One layer is negatively charged and the other is positively charged. As soon as sunlight strikes the layers, voltage develops between the two layers. This produces a direct current within the solar cell. To harness this newly created current, most photovoltaic systems have a power inverter which converts this direct current into alternating current used in homes and even to power the public electricity grids.

Bajada’s Solar Water Heaters

Bajada New Energy solar water heater

The company Novotherm, was launched in 1968. It was founded by Gerard Verhagen who initially worked on the construction of personal central heating boilers. Since it’s inception, the company has catered the construction of Stainless steel solar heaters and other central solar systems.Solar heaters can work in either one of two ways;

– Natural circulation: when the water gets warmer it becomes less dense and lighter and naturally tends to ascend towards to top of the collector. It is taken inside the closed circuit chamber in the boiler. Once inside the boiler’s closed circuit, the heat is naturally transferred to the water you use in your home. After a while, the water becomes colder and denser and the water starts descending to the bottom of the closed circuit chamber. The boiler, then conveys it to the bottom of the collector. At this point the process restarts and there is no need for any pump. This is because the boiler is located above the solar panel. This process is automated and starts/stops by itself, with the presence of heat (provided by the sun).

– Forced Circulation: instead of having the fluid moving by itself , it is pumped through the panels and the closed circuit by a small electric pump. An electronic control system will make sure that the circulation of the fluid continues for as long as the fluid temperature in the panel is higher than the one in the boiler. This system is used when the boiler is installed below the solar panel.

Some interesting features on some of Novotherm’s products are :

  • A capacity of water to use : 130 Lt
  • A collectors’ surface : 2 m²
  • A water tank from stainless steel A.I.S.I 316L, 2 mm thick
  • A tank shell made of stainless 316L
  • A Shining stainless steel outer shell 304B
  • A Copper resistance 4 Kw of triple security
  • A Tank insulation made of polyurethane 70 mm 35-40kg/m³
  • A Collector with aluminium profile frame
  • A Collective surface of copper leaves perfectly Laser attached
  • A Crystal of european standards 4mm
  • A Collector’s insulation made of mineral wool and polyurethane
  • A Guarantee of 10 years
  • Available for connection with radiators (triple energy)

Bajada New Energy Online

Some places the company can be found online, includes their own website, Facebook and YouTube

Bajada New Energy Website

Bajada New Energy Website

By clicking on the image above, you can find more information about Bajada New Energy’s solar solutions , where it will tell you about the brands of solar water heaters and solar panels available by the company. It can provide you with personalized and customized packages which can fit everyone’s budget. The site also shows you how to get it done, if you are hesitant or simply don’t know where to start when purchasing solar panels. It gives you 3 simple steps to follow : Get a quote, Place an Order , Get it Installed. This can help you make an informed decision when coming to choose what’s right for you. The website also has a gallery , showcasing some of their fine work. You can easily see that the fit and finish of these products is on par with the rest of the world. It also offers you the option of government grants and financing options.

Bajada New Energy on Facebook Latest Updates

Bajada New Energy joined Facebook on the 28th November 2012 and since then has gathered a following of 1,912. Their page is full of information on how their products work, as well as images of their recent accomplishments.

Bajada New Energy on Youtube

Here we can see a short animated video on the ideology the company operates with. It believes in renewable energy and keeping our planet pollution-free, while also providing electricity by harnessing natural energies.

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Close to the company, one may find Strictly 360 Dance & Fitness Centre, which is a dance studio/ fitness center. Also, close by is the Four Seasons Parts and Services Garage, which can cater to all your car’s needs.

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