Fast Food in St. Julian’s, Malta

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About Badass Burgers in St. Julians, Malta

Badass burgers makes some of the best burgers on the Island. They have many surprising varieties, all of which are unique and bursting with flavor.
The restaurant stops at nothing to surprise it’s clients with what goes into their burgers, as well as what goes accompanies them.

Their burgers are made from “Black Angus Beef” with no extra additives or harmful chemicals, except a few secret herbs and spices to make the burger’s taste stand out from the conventional sort most people are used to.

The restaurant also makes it’s own sauces, such as relishes and chutney and uses only the finest of ingredients in the making of the whole burger and it’s toppings.

Different Types of Burger Meat

Since there are clients who aren’t too excited about the taste of beef, Badass burgers has found a healthy compromise, by making their patties out of alternate ingredients.

Some of their different types of burger meat include :

  • rabbit and Maltese sausage
  • prawn and haddock
  • succulent chicken breast
  • cauliflower and mushroom
  • duck

Badass Burgers Locations

Badass Burgers can be found in three separate locations throughout the Maltese Islands. These locations can be found below:

Purple In Mellieha
George Borg Olivier Street,
T: (+356)2755 6633

Badass Café in Valletta
Old Theatre Street,
T: (+356)2122 8347

Badass Burger
No 1,
St. Georges Road,
St. Julians
T: (+356)2138 4066

Praise for Badass Burgers

Badass Burgers Praise

The image up there shows one of Badass Burger’s finest burgers. It’s easy to see why people would praise such heavenly gourmet food, especially when it tastes just as good as it looks.

Plenty of fans have sang Badass Burger’s praises and here are a few comments which they have left:

  • “Badass Burgers what can I say, they are fantastic. Make sure you are hungry because the portions are so so generous. The choice is excellent, service with a smile, go guys it’s really worth it. We will be going again and again. Well done to all the staff and of course thank you to the owners for opening a lovely place to eat at. Thank you thank you”
    Arlette Grech
  • “Because EVERYONE should have these burgers- they’re utterly amazing. I must say I’m completely addicted!!!!!!”
    Alexia Curmi
  • “Gli hamburgers erano buonissime ed anche I contorni.. I dessert FANTASTICI…. Il TOBLERONE!! WOW Excellent!”
    Michela Rubino
  • “That was one hell of a burger ! :D”
    Liugi Mallia
  • “Awesome burgers, tried them twice and still begging for more :)”
    Georgette Vassallo
  • “I just LOVE the Mini Burgers :D”
    Kaisa Lindberg
  • “Pure awesomeness :D”
    Erica Pisani

Badass Burger’s Website

Badass Burgers Website

By clicking on this image, you can fine more information about the restaurant and it’s food.

Badass Burger on Trip Advisor

Badass Burgers Trip Advisor

The burger restaurant is exceptional, according to plenty of satisfied clients. One client went so far as to say,”Burgers are pure meat, juicy, tasty and cooked to perfection. So many different varieties it’s hard to choose from them all”, showing that the restaurant truly does live up to it’s name.

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Contact Badass Burgers in St. Julians, Malta

C: Matthew Marshall
H: Mon-Thur 18.00-23.00, Fri-Sun 12.00-24.00
A: La Spinola, No1, St. Georges Road, St. Julians.
T: 21384066
M: 99217228

A: Badass Cafe, 46, Old Theatre Street, Valletta.
T: 21228347

A: Purple, 11/13, George Borg Olivier street, Mellieha.
T: 27556633

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