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Acheck Garage are the leaders in the installation of LPG Systems, Towbars, VRT Testing, Car Repairs & Servicing as well as Autogas. The staff are professional, offering top quality services and can assist in your car service requirements.

VRT Testing, Car Repairs and Services

2 Car servicing and repairs
Acheck Garage has become an established registered VRT Testing station, providing the best in auto repairs and car parts. They also provide car servicing, problem diagnostics, engine and system tuning. Be it a full engine rebuild or a gearbox changed, the staff work on your car efficiently and precisely to your car requirements.


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Acheck Garage is certified in the specialisation of installing LPG systems in vehicles.
LPG stands for “Liquefied Petroleum Gas” and is a hydrocarbon consisting mainly of a mix of propane and butane.
LPG engines are much cleaner since other fuels produce waste such as lead, benzene, sulphur. In fact in LPG, the exhaust gases produce less harmful chemicals and emissions than other fossil fuels. LPG helps engine long life, reduces oil consumption, environment friendly and cost effective.


Acheck Garage have a variety of the best Towbars suppliers around offered at reasonable prices. They offer installation of both towbars and 7-13pin electrics guaranteed to high standards. EC type Approval certificate with EU homologation standards are issued with every towbar installed.

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