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About Autobahn Ltd in Zebbug, Malta

Autobahn limited, one of Malta’s more prominent Japanese vehicle sales agents, as of 2003, became part of the USed Vehicles Importers’ Association. They became part of this by exceeding client’s expectations when it came to the quality of the used cars they imported and sold.

By matching the client’s needs and desires with an appropriate car, the dealership has managed to maintain their reputation, helped by their high standards of car-care when it comes to delivering a vehicle to a client of purchase and in ensuring that the vehicle is received by the client. However the professionalism of the company does not stop there. It also offers excellent after-sales service, which benefits their customers by continuous support on their purchase, as well as having autobahn ltd take care of the insurance forms on the vehicle, saving the client both time and money.

Clients also benefit from the the availability of viewing cars in the company’s display. This can give clients a better idea of what is on offer and by consulting a professional at the dealership, can get a good deal on their dream car. Their yard houses a huge selection of vehicles but if a client wishes to see what’s on offer from their homes, a website showing different models of cars with varying prices can be found. This website also has the added bonus of specifications under each of the cars listed and this is aimed at keeping the client informed and finding the right car for him/her.

When purchasing a from Autobahn Ltd, you will find that that car and every other car comes with a complete set of paperwork, detailing important information about the car itself. This provides clients with peace of mind and certainty in their decision in their purchase. Autobahn Ltd also make sure that the vehicles they import conform four major world-wide inspection bodies in the vehicle industry.

Autobahn Ltd Online

The dealership can be found on their own website, which is linked below.

Autobahn Ltd’s Website

Autobahn Ltd. Website

By clicking on the image above, you can find more information about the company itself, as well as the vehicles available and their specifications.

Near Autobahn Ltd

MICRA can be found a few minutes away from the car dealership and All Trading Limited is right next to Autobahn Ltd.

Contact Autobahn Ltd

C: Ronnie Micallef
T: 21450203 / 21450291
A: Mdina Road, Zebbug
H: Mon-Fri 8.00-18.00, Sat 9.00-13.00

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