About Armstrong Woodworks Ltd | Leaders in the Woodworks Industry

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Armstrong Woodworks Ltd started in 1996. They gained a great deal of understanding and experience in the Woodworks Industry. The staff give excellent service and their attention to detail is second to none. They offer a wide range of carpentry services from genuine solid furniture in Traditional styles to Contemporary styles to complete Kitchens or Bedrooms, Restoration Services on Balconies and doors, Wood Stripping and Metal Stripping.

Restoration Services by Armstrong Woodworks

Wood Stripping

2 stripping of paint from wood

Paint or polishing substances are removed from wood with high-tech equipment. They also offer Neutralisation service when furnishings are left to dry for a few days. Deliveries are also provided to and from Armstrong Woodworks Ltd.

Metal Stripping

3 metal stripping before and after
Stripping is the process of removing unwanted materials or rust by immersing the item in chemical tanks. Metal Stripping is a process used on Security Gates, Doors, Iron Decor, Pregnant windows and Metal Furniture. Installation and transportation of Metal Furniture is also available.

Balcony Restorations

4 restoration
Restoration is done on site all year round, from the interior and exterior of the balcony. Armstrong Woodworks is equipped to make the structural changes in case of any damage. Balcony Restorations take about seven days to finish.

Heat Treatment

5 heat treatments
Furniture is put in a chamber in very high temperatures to eliminate all wood pests without chemicals or gases. Heat treatment is applied on all types of wood, both antique and modern. The treatment depends on what type of wood it is and wood worms. The furniture is cooled by natural means.


6 carpentry
At Armstrong Woodworks the staff can cater for various styles for Kitchens, Bedrooms, doors and much more. The units all are completely finished to high standards also including processes such as staining, painting and Varnishing.


7 re finishings
Armstrong Woodworks also provide re-finishing of furniture, Kitchens or bedrooms whether traditional or modern. Apart from Stripping the paint and any other substances, there are other processes like sanding, stocking and re-sanding. The process is complete when furnishings are then sprayed in a spray booth which is up to high level standards.