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Aramex About

Although Aramex is an international company, it also possesses offices in Malta. Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. It was founded in 1982 as an express delivery service. The company quickly grew into a global brand, which was recognized for its custom services and new multi-product offering. In January 1997, Aramex became the first international company to trade its shares on the stock exchange. Five years after, Aramex returned to private ownership. It established global alliances and gained stronger brand recognition, while also excelling at what it did. To date, Aramex employs more than 13,900 well-trained people in over 354 locations across 60 countries.

Aramex offers the following services:

  • international and domestic express delivery
  • freight forwarding
  • logistics and warehousing
  • records and information Management solutions
  • e-business solutions
  • and online shopping services

Aramex’s Services

Aramex can offer the following services, which can be seen below:


Aramex offers Export Express, Import Express, Domestic Express. These services deal with importation or exportation of packages or documents, when timing’s an important factor.


Aramex can also deliver your packages or documents by use of Land Freight, Air Freight or Ocean Freight services. The varied methods can be used depending on your exigencies.


The SCM (Supply Chain Management) teams are experts at maximizing efficiency and stable flow of products. Starting from manufacturing and ending retail to final customer, these experts can handle it all. Their personalized solutions have helped their clients reduce costs, increase transaction speed, and improve sales.


The e-commerce services provided by Aramex will help businesses sell products and services online. The company delivers online orders from the client’s website, straight to the customers (both locally and globally).

Record Management

Secure information storage and records management is what Infofort is all about. The methods used in it’s management is what makes InfoFort indispensable and influences it’s solutions. This in turn helps clients face global challenges. It also caters for the need of security, confidentiality, accessibility and many other facets.