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About 77 Snack Bar in Gzira, Malta

Welcome to our page on All Malta Online. 77 Snack Bar is here to cater to your needs and satisfy your appetite. The snack bar provides it’s clients with a very large variety of food to choose from, some of which can be seen below.

Serves Freshly Made Food such as:

Sandwiches and Baguettes
These can be toasted and are also available in both white and brown bread. A large tempting variety of filling is also available to choose from.

This traditional Maltese bread can be filled with traditional and tasty ingredients, ranging from tuna with olive oil to beef, chicken breasts and a host of other sauces and fillings.

Whether it’s chicken or beef, this snack bar can cater to your every need. The variety of fillings is also impressive, with bacon,eggs and caramelized onions being only part of the selection. The snack bar also ensures that the ingredients used are the freshest ones possible.

Fresh green, grilled chicken breast, smoked ham and smoked salmon salads are bu a few of the good range of salads that 77 Snack Bar offers.

The chef’s “pasta of the day”. More information can be found about the pasta on the day.

Chicken fajita, smoked salmon and plenty of other wraps can be found at this snack bar. Certain wraps are only served on certain days.

Chicken Dishes
Chicken breasts are also served in a variety of ways, with different sauces upon request.

Some of the above dishes are served with salads and french-fries, as well as a host of other condiments. The snack bar is ideal for a quick snack in between office hours.

Near 77 Snack Bar

Close to 77 Snack Bar, you can find ITIS Malta Tourism Institute and in the opposite direction, Copperstone design.

Contact 77 Snack Bar in Gzira, Malta

C: Lino Mangion
T: 21331177
M: 99498538
A: 77 Snack Bar, Sliema Road, Gzira
H: Mon-Fri 5.30-15.00

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