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About The Wholesaler B.E.L. Group

The Wholesaler B.E.L. Group was established in 2007. A leading company specializing in electrical and plumbing supplies. The company has continuously expanded its range of products to cater for the demand of today’s local market.

The staff at The Wholesaler B.E.L. Group strive to meet the demands of their customers. They offer the best in electrical and plumbing supplies imported from world renowned brands combined with competitive prices. The Wholesaler also offer reliable efficient deliveries and efficient aftersales service.

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Suppliers of Wholesaler Bel Group

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Aoelec Electrical Co Ltd manufacture circuit protection such as MCB, RCCB, RCBO, Isolators, Modular Contactors, Consumer Units, Electrical Busbars and more. Both quality and safety are of utmost importance in fact they are an ISO9001 accredited company complying with International Standards.

Amorduct Systems Ltd
Amorduct Systems manufacture a wide range cable management systems. Their computer aided technologies have helped them produce high quality products such as trunking, cable tray, cable basket, floor and perimeter trunking from galvanized and stainless steel and much more.

Basor Electric, is a leading company in Industrial electrical systems installation. Their products are of good quality making them leading company in the cable management systems for Large and small engineering installations.

EAE is a leading company in the production of low voltage busbars from 25A to 6300A. All products are quality products certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Mutlusan has become a well known brand to consumers. Some of the products from Matlusan include switch sockets series, cable trays and accessories, PVC fireproof cables, steel and insulated cables, signal fixtures, lighting fixtures and much more.

Seval Kablo
Seval Kablo is a leading firm in the electrical cable industry. Seval manufacture energy cables, installation cables, armoured cables and much more. The company strive for quality and products are certified by British approvals Service for Cables and ISO 9001.

KRIPAL Electric Co. Ltd was founded in 1987 and for 20 years of development became one of the largest electrical manufacturers. They specialize in small molded case circuit breakers, cam switches, AC contactors, architectural electrical, outdoor waterproof, control components and other electrical products.

MERZ GMBH manufacture a variety of high-quality products from Mobile power distributors, test engineering, sheet metal technology and switching devices. The Mobile distributor range involves site distributors for construction projects, events, campsites and marinas. MERZ test engineering products are used to ensure and verify the electrical safety of all types of portable electrical equipment.

Viko is the leading brand in electronic products and systems. The company strives in research and development, design to offer the best possible solutions for consumers. Viko Electrical product range includes sockets, fuse boxes, accessories, low voltage switchgear products, electricity meters and much more. The aim of Viko Electrical systems is to simplify people’s lives.

Services offered by Wholesaler Bel Group

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We strive to meet the demands of various sectors of the local market, namely Industrial, Commercial, Domestic, Governmental entities…by the supply of the following products and services:

  • – Assemblies of customized switchgear, distribution boards and protective devises
  • – Wide Range of protective devises – MCBs, RCDs, RCBOs, MCCBs, Surge Protectors
  • – Distribution Panels up to 800Amp (from Stock)
  • – Comfort Function Devices – Timers, Relays, Transformers and Modular Meters
  • – Selector switches, Signaling Units, Isolators and Switch Fuses
  • – Automatic or Manual Change over systems
  • – Contactors, Thermal Overloads and Motor Starters
  • – Industrial Plugs and Sockets
  • – Digital and Analogue Measuring Instruments
  • – Crimping Tools, Screwdrivers, Pliers and Cable Cutters
  • – Earthing and Bonding Systems
  • – Electrical and Signal Cables and accessories
  • – Cable Basket, Cable Tray, Management Trunking, PVC or Galvanised Trunking
  • – Domestic and industrial wiring accessories
  • – Drain fittings, pipes and accessories
  • – Pushfit P.B. plumbing system
  • – Sanitary fittings and accessories
  • – Electrical Water Heaters and Clear water or Drainage Pumps.

Projects by the Wholesaler Bel Group

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The staff of Wholesaler BEL Group work closely with project managers and engineers, providing their expertise, knowledge and resources. The advice from the staff of the Wholesaler BEL Group offer latest energy efficient technology in the market, paying attention to safety and high standards and ensuring customer satisfaction in all of their projects.

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T: 21233240
M: 79696988
E: info@thewholsalerbelgroup.com
E: mario@thewholesalerbelgroup.com
W: www.thewholesalerbelgroup.com
A: The Wholesaler B.E.L. Group, Triq in-Negozju, Mriehel.
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