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Solar Engineering Ltd About

Solar Engineering Ltd is a company which deals mainly in renewable energy products. It’s years and years of experience has helped it achieve a good sales philosophy, as well as an excellent after-sales service provided by highly professional staff.

Renewable-Energy Products by Solar Engineering Ltd

Solar Engineering Ltd products

The company offers many different types of renewable-energy products. These can range from photo-voltaic panels, to solar water heaters:

Solar Panels:
These panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity. This electricity can power houses or even feed the local electricity grids. They are highly efficient and give good returns on electricity bills.

Solar Water Heaters:
This machine heats up the water by means of the sun. cold water is passed through pipes underneath the solar cells, and gathers heat from the cells themselves. It them travels to taps inside homes and provides it’s used with hot water. Solar water heaters are a great way to reduce electricity bills.

Gas Water Heaters:
These water heaters work with a direct gas line, which supplies burnable gas. This burning gas heats the water and provides it’s user with hot water on demand, it costs less to run a gas water heater than an electric one so this is considered a good investment.

Domestic and Commercial Heat Pumps:
This works by having a fluid, passively transferring heat to the water in your heat pump’s tank. This continuous transfer heats up the water at a decent rate.

Professional Roof Insulation Systems:
The insulation is designed to keep the heat out during summer and the heat in during winter, reducing electricity bills during both hot and cold seasons.

Window Coating Systems:

This coating system reflects the sun and does not let excess heat permeate into a room. It also reduces glare and this helps visibility. Great for offices and rooms with TV’s.

Brands Offered by Solar Engineering Ltd

Solar Engineering Ltd brands

The company offers it’s clients plenty of well known brands, which produce excellent products designed to last a lifetime.

Some of the brands and their models can be found below :

Photovoltaic Panels by Samsung Solar, as well as :

  • Aleo Solar AG
  • Bosch
  • UpSolar
  • Samsung Solar
  • S-Energy
  • Moser Baer

Solar Water Heaters by Helional:
Magna Glass Electric Water Heater

Gas Water Heaters by Unical:
Idronik TN
Idronik TS

Roof Insulation by Styropan:
EPS Roof Insulation
XPS Roof Insulation

Heat Pumps by Styleboiler:
Futura Series 80-100
Heat Pumps Series 180 – 300

Solar Engineering Ltd Online

the company can be found on its website, which is linked in the section below.

Solar Engineering Ltd’s Website

Solar Engineering Ltd Website

By clicking on the image above, you can find more information about the various products made available by the company, as well as the different services and brands they offer.

Near Solar Engineering Ltd

The company can be found in the same street as Seasus Limited and Digiline Electronics. It is located directly between the two neighboring businesses.

Contact Solar Engineering Ltd

T: (+356)2143 2290
M: (+356)9943 2284
E: malta@solarengineering.com.mt
A: Eucharistic Congress Street, Mosta, Malta, MST 9010