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Wedding Hair – Malta

Special events hair styling and up-styles for Weddings & More

Hair styling for weddings Malta

What does your wedding hair say?

Your dress, your shoes, your make up, your hair; your special day. Photos that will last a lifetime and a memory that will never fade. You’ve probably invited loads of family and colleagues, a few childhood friends are part of your entourage. You’re the center of attention, everyone wants to wish you well and you’re the biggest VIP of the day.

Average won’t do, good won’t cut it and great isn’t even enough. You want your hair to tell your story, maybe something fierce and sexy but somehow soft and sweet; future super mama but somehow Disney princess. Kind of like this photo but different or maybe this one and you kind of like the one that other actress in that movie had but not quite?

The right Wedding Hair Stylist

Choose an experienced Wedding Hairstylist

Your expectations are high and they should be, this is your special day. An experienced wedding hair stylist is a must, experience is important for three main reasons.

1. You have some past examples of their work, if they’ve done what you’re looking for before (or very similar) then chances are they’re a safe bet.

2. Look your best; cut the stress; an experienced professional comes prepared, shows up on time, has all their tools and a few extras just in case, they can walk you through the process and they know how long everything takes. Experience also means they get the perfect look faster, the last thing you want on your wedding day is to be an hour late to everything else because your wedding hair took longer then expected.

3. You deserve it!

Choose top quality products for your wedding hair.

This is your special day, no corner cutting! We’ve heard some real nightmare stories with last minute hair color, a hair spray that caused some irritation and we don’t want anything like that happening to our awesome readers! A professional company has their reputation on the line and won’t let you down.

Wedding hair trial run

Yes it’s an added expense and not all hair stylists offer it and you’re super busy but getting a trial run done is a must. The trial run is also a great opportunity to tweak your perfect wedding hairstyle. Think of it this way; on your wedding day do you want something thrown together at the last minute or something you already feel comfortable with?

Choose a salon over a single hair stylist

It’s common sense, people get sick, their flight gets delayed in some far off country … you get the point. A salon generally has more than one stylist and has relationships with other hair stylists; one way or another they will get someone there for you.

Ask about qualifications, specialized training, awards etc

There is nothing wrong with self-taught professionals, but a hair stylist with no formal training is probably not the person you want to trust on your special day unless they have a never ending portfolio of success stories.

Leonards Wedding Hair Stylists – Malta

Whomever you choose for your wedding day we want it to be awesome! We recommend Leonards, with 40 years of experience (established in 1972) this salon brought today’s modern hair techniques to Malta. They’ve been featured on various magazines and have a long list of discerning satisfied clientele. They take professionalism seriously, they are qualified and are well known for their efficiency, precision and consistency. Giving their clients the very best of fashion and personal image projection.

Leonards exclusively use and sell TOP L’OREAL PRODUCTS. MAJIREL, INOA & KERASTSE.

They are in high demand so we recommend getting in touch for a consultation as early as possible!

Contact Leonard’s Hairdressers

T: 21 331 207
A: 5, Tigne Street, Sliema, Malta
NB: They are situated further up the road from Wallis, Jane Norman, Coco Nuda and the Union club. Closest car park, CCP situated on high street near Tower Supermarket.

Leonard’s Hairdressers Sliema, Malta on the Map