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Casa Completa

Waterproofing is the method of making sure no water leakage penetrates your property and can be done on roofs, floors and basements. Waterproofing isnt just important to avoid leakages into your property, if water does start to get through it can short circuit and damage the wiring of your property, it can destroy facades and other parts, and can bring with it unnecessary bacterial growth and mold. In Malta, waterproofing is important because of the sometimes heavy rain, but also because of just how humid it is, which makes it much easier for water damage and its related problems to occur. Thankfully, Casa Completa has over two decades of experience in using the most effective techniques in waterproofing property.

About Casa Completa

Casa Completa was originally started out of a warehouse in 1993 by its current owner, Sebastian Luca. His goal was to bring imported high quality water proofing materials and service to Malta at an affordable price. The business quickly took off and they was soon able to expand the next year to their current showroom in Attard and expand into a new business area: Bathrooms. Slowly over the years Casa Completa has grown into a wide range of business areas including turnkey services, where you can rely on the company’s mission to bring high quality work at the best prices. With now over two decades of waterproofing experience, there is no other name on the Island that has a name synonymous with high quality and effective work.

Waterproofing Roofs

Roofing is naturally where we think first when someone talks about water leakage. A roof that is improperly done runs the risks of leakage, as well as an accumulation of water over time seeping through. Casa Completa offers a range of products and much-tested process to get the best possible results. Even if your roof has been sealed in the past, Casa Completa’s products can ensure the longevity of the roofing and prevent any surprise leakages.

Waterproofing Basements

Basements and other underground areas are often the most problematic victims of water leakage as the damage can be throughout the structure of the property, and the basement might collect all of the water in one area and be very difficult to drain. This is where Casa Completa comes in. With their team of very skilled workers and high quality products, that will go through step by step, from draining, closing leakages, sealing and spotting and fixing the cause of the leakage. With their years of experience they are the most trusted name in basement waterproofing.

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Contact Casa Completa

A: Mdina Road, Attard
T: 21 414 933
E: info@casacompletaturnkey.com
W: http://www.casacompletaturnkey.com/

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